7 Games To Play If You Loved Slither. io | Games like Slither. io

Snake games have always been popular among people, no matter how similar the gameplay is in any different version. Slither.io is one of those games with good graphics to make it even more attractive. The main objective is to grow from a slither to the longest snake possible. 

Eat your way out to grow but beware of colliding with other snakes or that would be your end and if you consume an enemy snake, the growth will be greater.

Following are some games like Slither.io

  1. Worm. is
  2. Mitosis
  3. Osmos
  4. Super Snake 
  5. Tank.io 3D
  6. ZombsRoyale.io
  7. Superhero Slither Combat 3D game

You don’t need great combat skills or survival instincts for these games but an amazing focus to win. Read about them in detail to choose your best games. 

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7 great games like Slither.io 

  1. Worm. is

Very much similar to games like Slither.io, and Worm.io allows the player to control their worm and its movements. To win, your chosen worm needs to consume the food particles scattered across the playing area to earn points.

But do beware of other players and colliding with the walls as you will lose your progress and the game will end. There are some amazing features in the game which make it better and special. The player can choose the skin to modify the worm or even invite friends and chat with them throughout the game to make it more delightful. 

  1. Mitosis

Now, this is more of a biological version of the same game where instead of a reptile, you are a cell. Even as a cell, you need to eat the opponents which are food for you and grow. You get the advantage to divide your cell into duplicates to speed up the movements as your pace depends on your size

But Alas! There are viruses to hinder your growth. Consuming a virus will break it into numerous small cells, so, beware of the viruses and grow a pro. 

  1. Osmos 

Another science-based gameplay with amazing visuals and sounds, Osmos is also like Slither. io in many aspects. The player, in the game, is a cell that needs to consume other motes and eject matter after you for movement. But this ejection should be carefully done as this also shrinks the cell in size. It has some pretty great graphics and electronic scores to build interest in the game. 

Another great feature of the game is that you can slow the time flow to win over your opponents which is quite unique from other games. 

  1. Super Snake

With almost similar gameplay to Slither.io, the player’s motive is to literally become a Super Snake, the longest and greatest of all. To achieve this goal, the player must also be aware of the forces that can end the game. Try not to collide with other snakes or worms or you will burst and lose. Similarly, if they collide with you, they will have the same fate 

There is a variety of skins available for your snake and you can even boost the speed of the snake in this game which provides the game with some not-so-common features. 

  1. Tank.io 3D

In this game, you have control over a tank in the 3D battle arena. Your objective is to defeat the enemy tanks by blowing up the items in the area and after successfully completing this goal, you can upgrade your tank with a wide range of weapons available for you. 

The game gives you different exposure from other snakes or cells games and is also available to play in offline mode. 

  1. ZombsRoyale.io

It’s the player’s choice in the game to compete as a lone wolf or keep a buddy close to you. In this battle royale game, the players fight and compete against each other in the provided area and hunt for arms, weapons, and other supplies.

About a hundred players are competing against each other on the huge map surrounded by “The Gas” which reduces as the game progress, forcing the players to fight in even smaller areas. Although the player starts with no weapons in their hands they can be found in loot containers scattered across the map. The faster you complete the tasks, the faster would be the arrival of the prizes. 

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  1. Superhero Slither Combat 3D game

What differentiates this game from the rest on the list is the one unique feature, the player can choose from their favorite superhero masks to compete making this simple game a superhero game.  The player must become the ultimate champion by eliminating other snakes 

In this superhero snake adventure, the player needs to eat enemy snakes and worms to grow as huge as they can and finally, win it all. There is a wide range of skin to choose from- the iron snake, web spider, superhero captain, or from masks of cat, dog, pork, and many other creatures. 

Wrap Up

These not-so-brutal or difficult, simple little games are fun to play and are perfect for any age group. If you enjoyed playing Slither.io, then these games like Slither.io must be on your list to check out and play. These amazing fun games are best for both single or multi-player choices and the adorable graphics make them addictive and fun to play. You will surely enjoy playing these games if Slither.io impressed you. 

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