GSU iCollege – Georgia State University LMS | Easy Guide

iCollege is Georgia State University’s learning management system (LMS), powered by Brightspace and D2L.

The interface makes it easy to browse your courses.

Log in with your CampusID username, password, and email address.

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How to log in into iCollege

Georgia State iCollege:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “CampusID Sign In”
  3. Fill in your CampusID.
  4. Enter your CampusID password.
  5. Click Log in.
  6. Click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner to log out. Click Log Out.

GSU icollege login page

My Home is where you start when you join iCollege. Here you can create your profile and change your password or email address. You can also edit your preferences and access your courses.

You can also view news items and get access to any company-level content, links, or discussions.

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How to access your courses on iCollege

Your Course Home page is the first page you see when you join a course. It contains your personal tools and widgets to display course-specific information.

  1. To open your course list, click on the menu icon located on the Georgia State University iCollege home screen.
  2. Choose your course from the dropdown menu.
  3. Scroll down from your My Home page and click View All Courses. To view all of your courses,
  4. Search for the course you are looking for in the search box or browse the courses below.
  5. To return to My Home, click the “X.”

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How to create your profile

While completing your profile is not mandatory, it can be a great way of getting to know other users. If you do not feel comfortable sharing certain information, leave it blank.

Your profile information could be made available via the Classlist. Your profile picture and name may also be displayed alongside your discussion posts and in-class lists.

Follow the steps below for your GSU iCollege personal profile.

  1. Click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. Complete the fields with the information you need.
  4. Click on the Change Picture link to upload a profile photo.
  5. Click Upload to upload your photo, and then click on Add.
  6. After you are done, click Save/Save and Close.

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How to change your account settings

  1. On the home page, click on the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. You can view and edit different account settings using the tabs at the top of the page. After you are done, click Save/Save and Close.

What is iCollege Email?

iCollege Mail is used for course-specific communication between your instructors and classmates. It is not compatible with PantherMail, the GSU student email address.

This email tool allows sending emails from within Learning Environment. You can also use the Address Book to store and organize email addresses.

How to use the email from icollege

  1. Click the Envelope button on your GSU iCollege homepage.
  2. In the drop-down menu, click Email.
  3. Click “Compose” in the top menu.
  4. To locate an email address from your Address Book, enter it in the Message Dialog box.
  5. Please enter a subject for your email.
  6. Type your message.
  7. To attach an attachment to an email, click the Upload button.
  8. Send an email to

How to set up course notifications in GSU.icollege

You can use the Notifications Tool to keep up-to-date with your iCollege classes. It allows instant notifications about course events, such as dropbox submissions and discussion messages. You can also change the email or SMS notification options for your courses.

  1. On the Notifications Page, click on Register your mobile link.
  2. Select your Country and Mobile Carrier from the dropdown menus and then enter your Mobile Number in the “Register Your Mobil” form.
  3. Click Save
  4. Enter the confirmation code you received on your device after registration.
  5. Click Confirm.
  6. After confirmation, you can set the maximum number of SMS messages your mobile phone can receive per day. Select the desired number and click No Limit. Click Save when you are done.

How to block courses from notifications

  1. On the Notifications Page, click on Manage my Course Exclusions.
  2. To stop receiving course notifications, either click Exclude All Courses or the Exclude Icon beside each course.
  3. Click on the Restore button beside each course you would like to receive notifications. You can also click Clear course Exclusions to remove all courses.
  4. Next, click Close.
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