H1Z1 PS4 Weapons Guide: Which Are Best Weapons in H1Z1 PlayStation4

The best weapon for each situation will give you an advantage in H1Z1. While every gun has its strengths, there are only three to four guns that are truly powerhouses in each class.

This H1Z1 PS4 Weapons Guide will go through every weapon in the game and determine the best. We will share our opinions on which long-range guns are the best and information on newer guns.

You can find everything you need on H1Z1 PlayStation4, including control guides, beginner’s tips, and more, at our H1Z1PS4 games guides hub.

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H1Z1 PS4 Weapons Guide: Which Are Best Weapons in H1Z1 PlayStation4

H1Z1 PS4 weapons are available at various points in a game. Looting is the only way to get guns at first. After some time, you will be able to obtain a few more weapons by obtaining level one supply drops. The level two and third supply drops are available. Each supply drop emits a different colour beacon: either purple, green or white. We will break down each weapon class and give you some tips for choosing the best.

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Pistols will be your first weapon in the game. The H1Z1 PS4 has three types: the M9 (M17), the Magnum (M17) and the Magnum (Magnum). The M17 is a good choice if you are just getting started in a match. It will do some damage and help you fight hard in the crucial first minutes. The Magnum is the best weapon to damage cars, so you will start to acquire other weapons.

The Magnum is great for taking down vehicles and can also be used as a backup weapon in case you are pinned by a vehicle. In general, however, any gun that can be used in a firefight will work better than your pistol, so make sure you swap it out as soon as possible.


There is only one choice when it comes to SMGs. The Hellfire SMG, one of the most powerful weapons in H1Z1 PS4, can be obtained at the beginning of every match. It is a great weapon for mid-range engagements and should be kept in your inventory till the end of the game. Although the Hellfire is a bit too powerful, it will be improved in a future update. You can rest assured that everyone in the game will make the most of the Hellfire while you wait.

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Shotguns are a great choice for close-range combat. They can also give you an advantage when looting buildings. The Combat Shotgun and Riot Shotgun are the two current shotguns available in the game. While both are excellent choices, the Combat Shotgun is the best. While the Riot Shotgun is more destructive, it’s a pump-action weapon.

On the other hand, the Combat Shotgun does less damage per shot and fires in an entirely-automatic manner. The Combat Shotgun is the best choice for anyone looking to shoot a shotgun. However, those familiar with H1Z1 on PC should know that the Combat Shotgun isn’t as powerful as the PC version.

Assault Rifles

The best weapon in H1Z1 PlayStation 4 is the Assault Rifle. These weapons are available only in supply drops and include the AR-15 and AK-47 and the Marauder, Scout Rifle, and the KH-43. The AR-15 assault rifles and AK-47 assault weapons are unavailable at level one supply drops. Therefore, it’s good to get the AR-15 as soon as possible.

It is a great weapon that can be used for all purposes and has low recoil and a holographic scope. The KH-43 is your best choice once you get into the match. The KH-43 is undoubtedly the best gun in the game. It has low recoil and a great shooting feel. The KH-43 is a great weapon that will give you an advantage over your competition. Marauder is a close second, though it has a three-round burst firing method that allows for great damage in a single shot.

Sniper Rifle

The M40 Sniper Rifle, one of the most powerful weapons in the game, should be included in your endgame loadout. The M40 Sniper Rifle can be used to kill an enemy head-on or with two body shots. The bullet drop is significant, so it’s important to aim slightly higher than the enemy’s head. The M40 can be found in purple supply drops and is a great weapon if you want to gain an advantage at long range.


The Crossbow is next. This weapon is extremely powerful and can fire explosive bolts, perfect for vehicle damage. Direct hits can do up to 90 damage to enemies, so it’s a good option for early matches. This can be taken at the beginning of every match. However, it is rarer than the Riot Shotgun or Hellfire.


The MK46 LMG is the final option. Although this gun isn’t great for killing enemies, it is great at destroying vehicles. The gun’s high recoil makes the gun difficult to use, but it is useful for later phases of matches where everyone is trying to drive over each other.

What is the best loadout on H1Z1 PS4

Let’s take a look at the perfect H1Z1 PlayStation4 loadout. A loadout that includes a KH-43 and M-40 Sniper Rifle, as well as Hellfire SMG and Crossbow, is a good idea for playing matches. These will cover you for close-range and long-range battles. The Crossbow can also be used to destroy vehicles.

Weapons will likely change as the H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta progresses. This is all you need to know about H1Z1 PlayStation4 Weapons. You can find more H1Z1 PS4 guides at our H1Z1 PlayStation4 Vehicle Guide. We will keep adding more.

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