Halo Episode 2 Recap

Halo Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The second season of ‘Halo is a good example of world-building by taking viewers beyond the United Nations Space Command and to the farthest regions of space. The show is a story of Master Chief Petty officer John-117 along with Kwan Ha Boo as they fight capture by the UNSC and find refuge.

As they do, John reunites with an old friend and tries to discover the truth about the alien artifact he has in his possession. But, in conclusion, John is forced to make a pivotal choice that will define his and Kwan’s lives for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to know more about John’s choice, here’s everything you should learn about at the end of the second episode of “Halo! SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Halo Episode 2 Recap

The second episode, entitled “Unbound,” begins with an evocative flashback to John’s childhood. In the course of his training at Spartan-II, John was training. Spartan-II program, John wanted to get out of the UNSC with an acquaintance named Soren. But John decided to abandon Soren at the last minute and tried to convince Soren to remain in the Spartan-II training program.

But, in search of freedom, Soren made the decision to leave the earth, and John reluctantly granted his friend an early start. The story then shifts to the present with John Kwan and John Kwan traversing space, escaping UNSC.

In Planet Reach On Planet Reach, On Planet Reach, Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey speaks with Fleet Admiral Hood as they discuss the issue of John, the Master Chief. Hood thinks that John has to be returned, but he may be subject to stern punishment for ignoring his duties. Halsey assigns his Silver Squad to search for John and bring him back. In the meantime, Miranda tries to convince Admiral Margaret Parangosky that she should be allowed to look over the alien artifact rather than Halsey in the event that the UNSC gets its hands back. But, Parangosky rebuffs her request.

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At the Covenant Headquarters of High Charity, The council is discussing the artifact dubbed “keystone” and thinks about ways to return it. Makee is, a human with an affinity to the keystones, proposes to help reclaim the artifact; however, the council considers it to be too risky. However, Makee persuades the council to locate the artifact. John and Kwan traverse a ring of asteroids before arriving at the town known as Rubble, which is not within the jurisdiction of the UNSC. John reconnects with Soren and also meets Soren’s relatives.

With the help of Soren, John meets with Reth, an individual from the area who has been on the Covenant Ship and knows about their customs. John wants to know more information about the artifacts from Reth. Reth has revealed Reth that John has a sensitivity to artifacts in ways the majority of humans aren’t.

Reth also asserts it is an alien device that could be capable of ending all of existence on the globe. After a brief battle with Reth, John contemplates what he should accomplish with this artifact. At the same time, Halsey proposes to the UNSC council to get rid of the Cortana Program in the hope that it will aid them in their efforts in their fight against the Covenant.

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Halo Episode 2 Ending: Where Does Master Chief Go?

After devoting himself to looking for answers to the artifact, John realizes that he needs to secure the artifact to keep it out of Covenant’s grasp. Furthermore, he believes this artifact will give humanity an advantage in their fight to defeat the Covenant. So, John decides to return the device to the UNSC. John believes it is the UNSC that has enough resources to investigate the device further and utilize it in accordance with the Covenant. Though John’s reasoning isn’t easy to understand given Reth’s warnings, it’s plausible.

In the episode’s closing moments, John trusts Kwan’s safety Soren and makes his way back to the planet Planet Reach. In the finale, John decides to place his fate with Halsey along with the UNSC. But, Halsey explains that the UNSC is skeptical of the possibility that John is trustworthy. John’s reliability is a viable asset for the UNSC, and in light of the recent events, John may be being scrutinized. But, Halsey clearly has other plans for John.

The show closes with Halsey awakening Cortana AI, which is the totality of the knowledge humanity has. Cortana is designed to enhance the mental capacities of Spartan-II soldiers. Therefore, Cortana will enable Halsey and the UNSC, as well as Halsey, to exert total influence over their minds and the Spartans. In the end, it appears that through thinking about the betterment of mankind, John has effectively doomed himself and surrendered his liberty. But, John is at the heart of the events that unfold after the discovery of the artifact. Whether the UNSC recognizes this has to be determined.

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