Here You Will Find Divinity Original Sin 2 Devourer Armor

Here You Will Find Divinity Original Sin 2 Devourer Armor

Larian Studios has published Divinity: Original Sin II, a role-playing game. It is the sequel to 2014’s Divinity Original Sin. This game was released on Microsoft Windows in September 2017 for PlayStation 4 (Xbox One) and Xbox One (August 2018), for macOS (January 2019), Nintendo Switch (September 2019), and iPadOS (5 May 2021).

It was both a commercial and critical success. The game sold over a million copies within two months. It was also praised for its combat complexity as well as interactivity.

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Where to Find Divinity Original Sin 2 Devourer Armor?

You can find the Devourer’s Claws in the Gargoyle Maze, which is located in the southeast corner of the island. Players will also find the tower that contains the Devourer Set’s first piece. There will be plenty to see within this tower. However, for The Devourer’s Claws look inside a cursed chest.

Locate The Devourer’s Steps (Boots). To find the Devourer Set, go to Stonegarden’s Graveyard. There you will find an immolated body marked “Dead Shady Digger”. To ironically, take the corpse of this unfortunate thief and loot it. When you put them on, these boots will make you feel like a dwarf. This is a hint that the next piece Devourer Armor can also be found in the dreaded Blackpits

The Devourer’s Eminence (Leggings). The ghost suggests that players head to the Blackpits in order to locate The Devourer’s Eminence, which is located within the smoldering cave. Talk to the Voice of Flame, a stone dragon head. He will give you a Fire Rune. This can either be crafted or found in a container close to the rocky creature. Gamers will experience a strange vision after completing this task. However, they will find the leggings they desire in their inventory when they return to reality.

In The Devourer’s Maw (Helmet), you will find the helm, located in Arx. There will be a blue cabinet that requires a combination to open. It can be located behind one of the nearby paintings. If one’s game fails and the painting is not able to be moved, the code for opening the cupboard is 2-3-2-1-3.

The last piece of this set can be found at the Consulate in Arx: Find The Devourer’s Heart (Chest Armor). The player must reach the upper area. This can be accomplished in many ways including climbing vines, flying, and teleporting. Look for a bag as this is where you will find The Devourer’s Heart.

Is devourer set good in Divinity 2?

This armor set is one the most powerful melee sets in Original Sin 2. It grants its user an enormous boost to their base stats and immunity to some status effects.

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Should I side with the devourer dos2?

The Devourer will kill the Dreamer if they are allied with them. Also, the Devourer Armor will be upgraded with Onslaught Skill. Wearers will also receive healing when they defeat marked targets in battle. They will chain down Devourer to prevent him from moving or avoiding.

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