Here’s What Happened With Behave Bras Shark Tank

Here's What Happened With Behave Bras Shark Tank

Are you interested in knowing more all you can about Behave Bras Shark Tank? We’ve got you covered. Here is the most recent news about Behave Bras Shark Tank.

On March 11th, she was featured in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 15. Behave Bras founder came to invest in Shark Tank to grow her company.

Behave Bras is a Bras brand that supports Boobs. It is created to tackle the issue of large bras because many brands haven’t been able to provide this solution for big breasts in this part of the United States.

Behave Bras Shark Tank Updates

What happened to Behave Bras after Shark Tank?

Behave received a very positive response following its appearance on Shark Tank, now it has grown into a well-known and renowned brand.

Following Shark Tank, many orders were made and she’s taking care of. They’ve now gotten four times the sales rate in comparison to sales from prior.

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Who is the person who founded Behave Bras?

Behave’s CEO and Founder is Athena Kasvikis, a marketing expert who spent two years atKill Cliff Inc. She was afflicted with uncomfortableness for many years because she developed large breasts at a young age. That led her to design Behave Bras.

The plan is to pass on what she’s learned and create a path for women entrepreneurs who want to enter the business.

What are Behave Bras?

Behave Bras is a Boston-based Apparel & Fashion Industry startup that designs and manufactures supportive and comfortable bars for DDand bobs. The bra is designed to solve the pain in the shoulder, quad-boob discs, and chronic discomfort, usually observed in females.

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Do Behave Bras have a Future?

It is believed that the Bars Industry is about to turn into an Billion Dollar Industry in the next five years. The current market value of this business has been estimated at $750 million. There’s no doubt that Behave Bras will also increase its revenues.

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