Charlie Leaving HIMYF

HIMYF Spoilers | Is Charlie Leaving HIMYF? Is Tom Ainsley Be in Season 2?

In the Hulu sitcom “How I Met Your Father,’ Charlie develops a sweet connection to Valentina despite the many difficulties he is faced with. When his parents divorce him, he gets an employment at Sid’s Bar to stay a bit longer within New York City. He also locates a new place to live in after Valentina is concerned that they’re not prepared to be together.

HIMYF Spoilers

Through sacrifices and compromises, Charlie enjoys a fulfilling and happy existence in the company of Valentina and her family in NYC. However, the initial season finale reveals a dark turn in the relationship between Charlie and Valentina which makes us worry about Tom Ainsley’s character on the show. In that regard Here’s what we know about the show!

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HIMYF SPOILERS Ahead | What happened to Charlie?

If Valentina cannot attend the football match watch party hosted by Charlie, she promises Charlie that she and their future children will attend games with him shortly. The words of Valentina’s shock Charlie because he isn’t a fan of having children. They both talk about the same topic, but only to Valentina to express that she longs for an extended family in the coming years. Charlie who is inspired by the difficult childhood he shared in the presence of his father, confides to Valentina that he doesn’t wish to have children just to be as a parent.

In the first season’s premiere, Valentina reveals to Sophie that she has broken up with Charlie. Because Charlie and Valentina are not together, the former might consider moving back to England. As nothing hinders him from returning to New York City, Charlie may decide it’s not necessary to remain in a location with which there is no connection.

If this is the case, Charlie’s potential decision to relocate away from NYC could open the door to Tom Ainsley’s departure from his show. When fans are looking forward to next season do they think Tom Ainsley will be a part of the sitcom? We’ll discover!

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Is Charlie leaving What You Met Your Father? What happens to Tom Ainsley Be in Season 2?

The maturation Charlie and Valentina show in nurturing their bond from the first episode to the season’s first finale is truly touching. Given their chemistry and chemistry, it shouldn’t come as a shock that their breakup was only a stunning improvement for the avid admirers for the character. In the wake of their split the fans have every reason to be concerned about Tom Ainsley’s potential departure from the show, as Charlie’s story is at a an intersection.

As someone who is constantly moving from one country to the next frequently, there’s the possibility that Charlie might be forced to leave New York City as his relationship with Valentina ends and opens the door for Ainsley to leave the show.

The problem is that Hulu and Ainsley hasn’t issued an official statement, or even an announcement about Charlie’s possible disappearance from the show suggesting that the actor could be returning for the next season. In a separate interview with the show’s co-creator in March 2022 the show’s co-creator Isaac Aptaker talked about different ways one could go towards becoming a parent, regardless of their decision to not be a parent at a specific moment in their life.

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Aptaker’s comments suggest that Charlie’s life could be complications due to his decision to not become a father. So, we could witness Charlie confronting some of the consequences that result from his choice in the second season of this sitcom, rather than the departure of Ainsley.

Charlie and Valentina always prove that they can conquer any disagreements they encounter. We can only hope it is the case that their choice to end their relationship isn’t a spur of the moment and that they’ll rethink the same thing to give their relationship a second chance, just as they did after their breakup first. With these options in mind, we believe that Tom Ainsley will likely be on ‘How I Met Your Dad season 2.

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