How Deep Is Buried Treasure In Minecraft

How Deep Is Buried Treasure In Minecraft?

Do you love to play Minecraft just like me? I guess yes as its gameplay has made this so awesome that you can’t resist playing this. Everyone loves to play Minecraft. It was released in the year 2011 and it was developed by Mojang Studios this is so lovable to play. Millions of people out there love to play and they enjoy it very much while playing this. But do you know how deep is buried treasure in Minecraft is?

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If yes then it’s great but if not then need not worry as we are here with a solution for you. Minecraft has so many spin-offs and those are mainly Minecraft earth, Minecraft dungeons, and story mode. This game was released initially for Windows, Linux, and OS X but now it is available for every device like Mac, PS4, PS4, and for many others also. 

What do you know about buried treasure? Buried treasure has first appeared in Minecraft update 1.13 and this update was called the update aquatic. It offered so many new things and in those things, there was this thing called buried treasure. This buried chest is basically a brown chest that you will find buried deep in the underground. You can find many items in that such as armor, tools, and many kinds of precious jewels. You can find buried treasure in any biome. 

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Talking more about buried treasure it has a heart of the sea and one thing that you should know here is you will only obtain the heart of sea here in the buried treasure apart from the creative mode inventory or the other one that is commanded. So without taking any further let’s see how deep is buried treasure in Minecraft is.

How Deep Is Buried Treasure In Minecraft

The first thing that you should know about buried treasure is you can find this in any exploration map you just need to follow the map and you can also find this in shipwrecks that will be underneath and you can find them in other underwater ruins. But it is not in fact that how deep is buried treasure in Minecraft. You can’t find out how buried is that. But here we will tell you about how deep is buried treasure in Minecraft.

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This is the right place to find your answer and the most important thing that you should keep in mind is that the location where you will find the buried treasure varies and you should know the most common places in Minecraft where you can find the buried treasure. So keep reading to find out the answer.

Talking about the buried treasure you can find some of them in the treasure chests and they are planted deep into the soil that will be underneath. There will be one or two blocks only and the most simple way is that you can easily dig that up and then you will find the buried treasure. It will take hours to find a buried treasure as some of the chests are very deep that it will take much time to dig them in order to find buried treasure.

You can find out that there can be ten blocks that will be underground and then you will find that buried treasure. There can also be three to six blocks that will be underneath and there can also be the case when you will not find any buried treasure even underground. You can also find buried treasure in the caves. The other important thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all maps will lead to buried treasure. Some of the maps in Minecraft can also lead to some of the rare structures.

This is the most daunting thing to do in MInecraft that is to find the buried treasure. If you are digging somewhere for hours and you are unable to find anything there then you have to decide that that is not the right place for you and you should find some other place for yourself. 

After that, you can start digging around that place also and continue to do the process and not under it. You may find the buried treasure that way as many players have found that doing the thing that we told you. You can also find the buried treasure under the rocks that will be spawned.

Another thing to note here is that the next place where you are finding the buried treasure will not give you any sign or it will not indicate directly to you where you will find the buried treasure as this is just another chance for you to find the buried treasure or else you can also find it somewhere near to this. That is why it is advisable to you that you should dig it deeper and also wider in order to find the buried treasure chests.

When you will find the videos to find the buried treasure you will see that players have found this under 40 blocks in the underground cave system. Players also noticed another thing that was it will never appear to you under a stone. Buried treasure can also appear under gravel or sand. 

From this, it is clear that you can find the buried treasure where there is no sunlight exposure and those buried treasure are also spawned in bizarre locations such as homes. Now you must be clear where to find the buried treasure. You can follow these steps in order to find the buried treasure:

You need to approach the X that will be from the south and then you should be looking at the X in which the north will be the center. Then you need to keep going forward till the white marker that is being shown to you disappears. In the next step, you will see that there is only one pixel left for you and that will be visible to you under the X and that will be your cue. You need to go straight there and then you need to start digging. In the end, you will find the buried treasure. 

Well, I guess now you have found your buried treasure and now you can use the items that you will get in your buried treasure. You can get various kinds of tools and you can use those tools at many places in Minecraft. So this was all about how deep is buried treasure in Minecraft. We told you everything about this and also about the steps that you need to follow in order to find the buried treasure. Now you can find it easily for yourself. Still, if you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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