How Did Kratos Get To Midgard

Kratos is a legend in Greek mythology. After God of War 2018, Kratos was able to adapt his skills to Norse mythology. How Did Kratos Get To Midgard?

Kratos was an integral part of the Greek mythology of Greece in the initial God of War titles. Kratos fought mythological gods in all ways and entertained viewers with the captivating stories of the first three games. After God of War 4, things changed. The album was released in 2018, and focused on a new set. The God of War Kratos, the series that ended in 2000, was set at Midgard, the center of Norse mythology’s Nine Realms.

Fans naturally wanted to know how Kratos managed to go from one part of the world into a new mythology within one game. These questions were answered in God of War, but now players want to know the answer as the game will be released on PC by 2022.

How Did Kratos Get To Midgard

Kratos In Midgard

Cory Barlog (director of God of War creative) and Cory Barlog (creative director for God of War franchise), said that Kratos was in Midgard after what happened in God of War 3 A massive flood struck Greece and the rest of the world after the game was over. Kratos brought this about to end all things.

There are no residual flood effects in God of War. Logically Kratos was able to get through the surge towards the end in God of War 3 via boat in the same way that Atreus, Atreus, and Atreus travel the globe in the latest video game. Kratos is able to travel between realms because of the flood. The game’s illustrations show Kratos, the Norse Gods of War Tyr, traversing the globe. This further confirms Kratos’s ability travel between mythologies.

After a row through the realms, Kratos ended up in Midgard. After the flood receded and the waters slowed down, Kratos married Faye and had one child, Atreus. In the first chapter of God of War, Kratos grieves the death of Faye. He climbs a mountain to scatter his ashes.

We don’t have any evidence in God of War to show how flooding affected Midgard. Freya, another character in God of War, said that Tyr’s Bridge was submerged for 150 years due to flooding. This means that at most 150 years have passed since the events of God of War 3.

Interconnected mythologies are found all around the world. Kratos’s many references to Greek mythology in God of War 2018 is the most prominent example. Following the events in God of War Ragnarok, this story could go in many directions in mythology.

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