How Do I Turn Off Crossplay In Among Us Xbox?

Many people are wondering why they are not able to turn off the crossplay option in Among Us for Xbox. Like, if you want to play crossplay in Among Us, then it is turned on by default but when it comes to disabling it, you don’t have any option for it on Xbox. If you are also a player of Among Us and facing the same problem then here in this article you will get a guide on how to turn off crossplay in Among Us on Xbox.

Unfortunately, you are not able to turn off the crossplay in Among us Xbox because there is no option to turn off the crossplay in Among Us. 

Being a multiplayer online game developed and published by inner sloth initially launched in 2018. The game was inspired by two different things i.e. a party game called mafia and a sci-fi horror film named “The Thing”. This game was first released on IOS and Android smartphones in the middle of 2018. By the end of the year, it was also released for Microsoft Windows. The game went viral in 2020 due to some famous gamers and YouTubers liking the game and streaming it. 

The theme of this game is space where the characters are tiny colorful astronauts with no arms. Every character in the game participates in One of Two roles, most of them are crew members, but some play as imposters. Four to fifteen players can join the game at once. 

Sadly you cannot turn off cross-play in Among Us. Continue reading to learn more about it.

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How do I turn off crossplay In Among Us Xbox?

Unfortunately, like other games, you cannot turn off cross-platform in Among Us. You are probably thinking why we cannot turn off crossplay in Among Us on any platform. The main reason behind it is that there are not any big advantages and disadvantages to playing on a pc in competition to other platforms. These are equal benefits to every Among Us player on any platform.

But it’s more fun if you play Among Us with your friends on any platform rather than play with strangers.

Among Us cross-play allows Innersloth to keep the gameplay clean and healthy. If you like multiplayer mystery games, then Among Us is the one you should play. 

You can win this game by two methods, crew members are assigned some task that they have to complete or they have to find the imposters. Imposters can win the game by killing crew members and by remaining as 2nd last on the ship.

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How Do You Set Up Among Us Crossplay?

Among Us is fully cross-play on all platforms. Set up Among Us Crossplay is very easy. All you have to make sure that your servers are the same. 

Simple basic steps for Among Us Crossplay setup

  • Sign into your Among Us account after launching it
  • On the main menu, look for the regional server
  • Click “Create Game” from the main menu
  • Choose a map, the maximum number of players, the imposters, and the language of the chat. When you are done, click the button confirmation.
  • Your character will appear in a game lobby that is currently empty. You will get a six-letter code at the bottom of the screen. Share that code with your friend whom you want to play with
  • After receiving the code, if your friend intends to play with you they have to “Enter the Code” and join with any platform but with the same regional server.

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Among Us is the multiplayer social deduction type of game. You can access this game on Android, IOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S series, and PC. It supports cross-platform or cross-play. But, you cannot turn off cross-play in this game on any platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will voice chat be available in Among Us on Xbox?

Unfortunately, there is no voice chat option available in Among Us on Xbox. To use voice chat in Among Us, you will need to download a third-party app. You have to use a standard voice chat application such as discord.

Is Among Us available on Xbox for free?

Among Us is $5 on most platforms including Xbox.

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