Do you want to know how does 1883 relate to Yellowstone? Take a look below!

Do you want to know how 1883 relates to Yellowstone? Take a look below!

The prequel to Yellowstone 1883 has proven to be just as popular as its predecessor show following its premier on December 19th 2021. The period drama is based on the story of the Dutton family, and explains how they acquired the land and the circumstances that led to the establishment on The Yellowstone ranch.

The Paramountoriginal series, 1883has been boasting ” record-breaking ratings” and appears to be surpassing Yellowstone’s popularity. The show was created by Taylor Sheridan, who was also the co-creator of Yellowstone and his first TV production as showrunner.

How Does 1883 Relate to Yellowstone?

1883 is an unrelated series that predates Yellowstonewhich examines the roots and the history of the Dutton family. This story from 1883 is set one hundred years before Yellowstoneand brings us back to where the Duttons began their legacy.

The story from 1883 is about the first generation of Duttons, James Dutton and Margaret Dutton, who moved from Fort Worth, Texas, to Montana with their kids and all.

After escaping the poverty of the state of Texas and the slums of Texas, the Dutton couple embarked to travel across Montana’s Great Plains to find a better life in Montana and set the stage of what would be known as known as the Yellowstone Ranch.

James Dutton is the great-grandfather of John Dutton, one of the significant characters of Yellowstone and who was an officer in the Confederate Army in the Civil War.

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Is 1883 about the Dutton family?

The brand new Paramount+ series follows the Dutton family before establishing the Montana cattle ranch.

Will there Be an 1883 Season 2?

The quick and simple answer is that there’s no officially announced announcements about the second season of 1883. But, as we’ve seen thus this far, it has been very well-liked by fans, including those who haven’t yet seen Yellowstone.

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Is Yellowstone Still Streaming? 

Yellowstone’s first three seasons can be watched accessible to stream on Peacock If you own Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus. If you’re using Peacock Premium, which is the accessible version of Peacock it is only possible to view the 90-minute debut episode of the show. Season four of Yellowstone will be available for streaming on Peacock from March 28th.

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