How Is Harmony Used In Floral Design

Red is associated with passion and love. Yellow is a good choice for bringing out happy, bubbly feelings. Blue and white evoke feelings of serenity and calm. The proper use of colors is crucial in visual art. Floral design is no exception! The first step to designing beautiful floral arrangements is using color theory.

We have already explored the history and styles of various flower arrangements. We’ll now discuss the fundamentals of floristry, including color and design. We will explore simple concepts such as ROYGBIV. We’ll then cover more complicated principles of color combinations. This is the brief overview of color theory that florists need!

Floral color wheel

Colors can be soft and delicate, bright and radiant, or quiet and somber, depending on their purpose. It doesn’t matter what combination you choose, the color wheel is useful! This will make your floral pieces more beautiful and pleasing. The three main terms used in color theory are primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary colors are the main parts of the color wheel, which include red, yellow, and blue. These colors are not made from a mixture of colors. Secondary colors can be made from any combination of primary and secondary colors. Orange is a mixture of yellow and red. The mixture of yellow and blue is called green. Purple is a mixture of red and blue. Tertiary colors are combinations of any primary and any secondary colors. This is a good example of it.

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How to Design Harmonious Arrangements: What Color Styles Do You Need?

It is important to use the color wheel artistically and in a proper manner. This can speed up the process of choosing flowers, foliage, and accessories. This allows you to create a beautiful and harmonious decor. There are many ways to combine colors and styles to suit the occasion and theme. These four color harmonies will help you get started with your creativity. Tip: Make sure to keep the color wheel in mind when combining these colors. ).


These are colors that are right next to each other on a color wheel. These colors include red and green, yellow and violet, and blue and orange. Because of their stark contrasts, they create an interesting palette. This makes it easy to create vibrant or intense floral arrangements.


These schemes include three colors placed next to each other on the wheel. These are the most common color divisions: red, orange, yellow, and purple. Flower Shop can match these color harmonies with multiple themes! They can be mixed well to create a flowing look, whether they are used for solemn or joyful motifs.


Are you on a tight budget? These arrangements are easy on the eyes and pocket, but they look great! They are simple and elegant, so they can be used for any occasion or theme. They are also known as “greenery” and add the beauty of nature to any arrangement.

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This scheme uses three colors that are equal in distance from one another on the color wheel. This is used in floral arrangements as a combination of primary and secondary colors. Florists will often choose lighter or subtler shades of the triad. They also use a mixture of soft and rich shades for a balanced, pleasing aesthetic. See our two-part series for a detailed guide on creating floral arrangements for specific events or containers. You can check out our two-part series about how to make floral arrangements.

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