How Many Bosses in Elden Rings | Elden Ring: Every Mandatory Boss In Order

How Many Bosses in Elden Rings

Elden Ring is an action game that is characterized by the quality and number of its boss fights. Similar to the FromSoftware games that preceded Elden Ring, Elden Ring has an intricate system of combat that has the greatest impact on it throughout the game’s numerous tough battles. To fill the vast landscape in The Lands Between, the number of boss battles within the game must expand dramatically.

How Many Bosses in Elden Rings? In fact, Elden Ring has made a significant change for FromSoftware. 

Answer: Dark Souls 1 only had 26 boss fights with the DLC included, whereas Elden Ring features 23 boss fights in its main storylines all by itself. Beyond that, the number of boss battles within the game is seemingly endless.

With a myriad of Evergaols as well as hidden dungeons, every corner in the Lands Between seems to hold an enemy that is eager to take on the Tarnished. But since Elden Ring‘s map is huge and packed with enemies, many bosses are reused across different locations, which may reduce the number of real bosses available in the game.

Before one starts taking note of the bosses that can be found in Elden Ring, however, it is necessary to discern them from the other types of enemies that are in the game. The bosses are in Elden Ringare distinct from Invaders and difficult NPCs since they feature health bars that are displayed on the bottom of the game’s screen.

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How Many Bosses in Elden Rings?

In light of this distinction, there are a lot of boss battles that can be found in Elden Rings estimated to be in the vicinity of 150, and the number of bosses that are unique (not including duo fights or variations of bosses’ designs with the exception of Godskin Duo) is estimated to be in the vicinity of 112. To track the unique bosses, this article will list all bosses within Elden Ring HTML2 and their roles within the gameplay.

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Elden Ring’s Main Story Bosses: The Required

  • Margit, the Fell Omen / Morgott, the Omen King
  • Godfrick, the Grafted
  • Draconic Tree Sentinel
  • Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Gold Shade)
  • Fire Giant
  • Godskin Duo
  • Gurranq, Beast Clergyman / Maliketh, the Black Blade
  • Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing
  • Godfrey, First Elden Lord / Hoarah Loux Warrior
  • Radagon
  • Elden Beast

Although Elden Ring‘s story could take a long duration to be completed, it’s an easy one if the Tarnished remains on the right track. In reality, the route towards getting to the Elden Throne is centred only on defeating Shardbearers and the ones who defend them. Not even all Shardbearers need to be defeated to complete the quest. The only prerequisites for demigods (along with other boss fights) are those listed in the above list.

The Tarnished could actually avoid certain bosses, too. There’s a potentially dangerous but viable route that lets players escape Stormveil Castle and therefore not have to fight Margit as well as Godrick. In addition, there’s an issue that is not part of the Godfrey/Hoarah Lux battle in Elden Ring, which allows players to complete the fight before the fight even begins.

Although these bosses are able to be avoided, however, there are other bosses that must be defeated in order to obtain the Elden Ring. But, as players can make the choice on which gods to take on as well, they’re included in the list below of bosses related to stories which aren’t required to win the game.

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Elden Ring’s Main Story Bosses: The Non-Required

  • Red Wolf of Radagon
  • Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Starscourge Radahn
  • God-Devouring Serpent / Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
  • Mogh, Lord of Blood
  • Commander Niall
  • Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree
  • Malenia, Blade of Miquella / Malenia, Goddess of Rot
  • Astel, Naturalborn of the Void / Astel, Stars of Darkness
  • Elemer of the Briar
  • Regal Ancestor Spirit

To get to Leyndell to be Leyndell’s heir, those who want to become Tarnished must first be able to defeat two Shardbearers. Since Godrick is one of the Shardbearers, players have the choice of whom they’d prefer to take on next: Rennala or Radahn. Since players have the option of choosing one of them they’d like to defeat either is not technically required for the final outcome of the game.

What is it that makes Elden Ring‘s different boss battles listed above significant enough to be thought of as “story bosses” is that each entry in the list are either Shardbearer or has to be defeated in order to become the status of a Shardbearer. Rykard holds an element of Elden Ring, and the Red Wolf of Radagon and Loretta are both connected for Elden Ring‘s overarching story and have to be defeated prior to moving on toward the next Shardbearer.

The final three names on the list which are Astel, Elemer, and the Ancestor Spirit The Ancestor Spirit, Elemer, and Astel aren’t required or Shardbearers. However, Elden Ringinstills sufficient importance in these three bosses to transform them into gear famous. Therefore, Astel and the Ancestor Spirt are remembered as do Elemer, who has legendary armor that is only available through Enia.

Elden Ring’s Many Dragon Bosses

  • Elder Dragon Greyoll
  • Flying Dragon Agheel
  • Flying Dragon Greyll
  • Glintstone Dragon Smarag
  • Decaying Eksykes
  • Magma Wyrm Makar / Magma Wyrms
  • Great Wyrm Theodorix
  • Borealis, the Freezing Fog
  • Glinstone Dragon Adula
  • Ancient Dragon Lansseax
  • Lichdragon Fortissax
  • Dragonlord Placidusax

The Lands Between was once ruled by dragons. The presence of the creatures within the Elden Ring Elden Ringcan be a testimony to this fact. Dragons are a formidable species of creatures that have access to the ancient magic. This makes them excellent enemies for the Elden Ring, which is evident in the above list.

Although a lot of the dragons have their own names However, most will fight the same manner (and players can therefore be punished for them by attacking the hind leg of their opponent). Yet, Lichdragon Fortissax and Dragonlord Placidusax give interesting battles. Fortissax’s lights make him different from other creatures Placidusax’s moving weapon, and two-headed body make him a truly distinct character with his own personal memory.

Elden Ring’s Overworld Bosses

  • Bell Bearing Hunters
  • Black Blade Kindred
  • Commander O’Neil
  • Crucible Knight Siluria
  • Dragonkin Soldier/ Dragon Soldier of Nokstella
  • Deathbird
  • Death-Rite Bird
  • Demi-Human Queen Maggie
  • Divine Bridge Golem
  • Erdtree Avatar
  • Fell Twins
  • Fia’s Champions
  • Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast
  • Godskin Apostle
  • Godskin Noble
  • Mad Pumpkin Head
  • Night’s Cavalry
  • Nox Swordstress
  • Nox Priest
  • Omenkiller
  • Onyx Lord
  • Putrid Avatar
  • Royal Revenant
  • Tibia Mariner
  • Tree Sentinel
  • Ulcerated Tree Spirit
  • Valiant Gargoyle
  • Wormface

The bosses from the overworld of Elden Ring Elden Ringare the bosses that roam through in the Lands Between freely. While some of them are hidden in the yellow veil which mark the rooms of boss battle however, their battles could be started simply by walking into the wrong place at the wrong moment. However, most just are able to walk or stand through a certain location, waiting for Tarnished to walk up to them.

The most well-known of these enemies is Tree Sentinel, as players start their adventure exploring Leyndell and the Lands Between by trying to keep away from this one-shotter monster. Tree Sentinels will later reappeared as a pair outside of Leyndell. The Tree Sentinels also have a sister within Leyndell’s Night’s Cavalry, who also have a fight between them.

Elden Ring Evergaol Bosses

  • Adan, Thief of Fire
  • Alabaster Lord
  • Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader
  • Ancient Hero of Zamor
  • Battlemage Hugues
  • Blood Hound Knight Darriwil
  • Bols, Carian Knight
  • Crucible Knight
  • Godefroy the Grafted
  • Roundtable Knight Vyke

It is said that the Evergaol Bosses that are optional in Elden Ring Elden Ringtend to be distinctive characters that are held in their own fights. The feeling of being imprisoned is a perfect fit for characters like Adan who snatched the forbidden fire from The Fire Giants. Roundtable Knight Vyke is appropriate for the Evergaol boss position, since the prison’s magical sanctuaries preserve the hero he once was before becoming a servant to Three Fingers.

Three Fingers and destroying Elden Ring‘s Frenzied Flame Village. However, the others Evergaol bosses are just recycled character models, with no other than an extra exaggeration of changes in their abilities. In instances like that of Alabaster Lord, these characters are strengthened. For instances such as Zamor’s Ancient Hero of Zamor, they are less powerful.

Elden Ring Dungeon Bosses

  • Abductor Virgins
  • Ancestor Spirit
  • Beastman of Farum Azula
  • Black Knife Assassin
  • Cemetery Shade
  • Cleanrot Knights
  • Crucible Knight Ordovis
  • Crystalians / Rotten Crystalians
  • Demi-Human Chieftan
  • Demi-Human Queen Gilika
  • Demi-Human Queen Margot
  • Erdtree Burial Watchdog
  • Esgar, Priest of Blood
  • Fallingstar Beast
  • Frenzied Duelist
  • Grafted Scion
  • Grave Warden Duelist/ Putrid Grave Warden Duelist
  • Guardian Golem
  • Kindred of Rot
  • Leonine Misbegotten
  • Lion Guardian
  • Miranda the Blighted Bloom
  • Misbegotten Crusader
  • Misbegotten Warrior
  • Necromancer Garris
  • Patches
  • Perfumer Tricia
  • Red Wolf of the Champion
  • Royal Knight Loretta
  • Rune Bear
  • Scaly Misbegotten
  • Soldier of Godrick
  • Spirit-Caller Snail
  • Stonedigger Troll

The bosses in Elden Ring‘s Dungeons are among the most numerous and diverse of the game’s bosses. Not only do they have 32 bosses unique to the category but, they form teams of different types for duo battles , such as that of Leonine Misbegotten or the Crucible Knights. The reason you’ll find numerous dungeon bosses within Elden Ringis due to the sheer number of places that are considered Dungeons: Catacombs and caves are more clearly are considered dungeons, however also large and open areas such as Castle Morne or Castle Sol.

However the fact is that dungeons do not just are able to choose from a wide range of options for bosses, but they also have the option to reuse models of bosses. In particular, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit is usually used alongside Demi-Human Chieftans as well as Cemetery Shades. This makes boss battles of the dungeons unpredictable and frightening to enter because the Tarnished do not know what boss or bosses are waiting for them before they enter the arena.

Although Elden Ringcan suffer by reusing bosses that are frequently However, the game offers an amazing variety of enemies. The excitement for the gameplay is dependent on its intricate combat system and the ability to access an almost endless list of boss fights is anything less than thrilling. The current amount of bosses available within Elden Ringis the number 104. However, the future DLC will certainly include more.

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