How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Durables

Are you looking for work in the field of consumer durables? The sector of consumer durables aims to offer durable goods including commercial kitchen equipment and machines to industries like construction. In addition the industry of consumer durables is responsible for producing a variety of durable items, like equipment and tools like vehicles, boats and rim brakes. tires.

In August 9 2022, the 2022 consumer durables industry employed around 3 million people in the United States. This $2 trillion industry is a major employer and offers them high-paying jobs.

Let’s discuss consumer durables and the highest paying jobs in the industry of consumer durables here!

Consumer Durables vs. Non-Consumer Durables

Consumer durables refer to items that are designed to last and have the ability to meet various durability standards. However, non-consumer durables are products that aren’t as durable because they’re typically not utilized for frequently required lengthy periods.

Consumer trends and non-durability usually cause products from the consumer durables industry to behave less well. More and more are now being advertised as “non-consumer products. In response to consumer demand, products that aren’t consumer goods may become durable and beyond repair, or even to the point of recycling.

Consumer non-durables include products intended to be utilized for relatively short durations instead of being removed following long-term usage. Some examples of items that fall under this category are packaging items, disposable diapers, and office consumables, such as cartridges for printers or toners.

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14 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables in 2022

Diverse types of jobs in the field of consumer durables which facilitate commerce and trade are offered in the consumer durable sector. The profile of the job within the sector of consumer durables gives the average salary for the employees within the company.

In July 2022, the personal consumption of durable items within the US was approximately 2 trillion dollars. That means that there are many opportunities in this sector.

Let’s review the top fourteen job opportunities in the consumer durables industry!

Sales Manager; Managers

Sales managers can be a great career choice for those who have a strong work ethic and concentration on details. It’s a very career that’s driven by incentive and needs to be motivated.

In the field of consumer durables, managers are among the most highly paid positions. Controlling teams in one particular department falls to the sales manager, sometimes referred to as supervisor.

The most important tasks they perform are their duties as follows:

  • Personnel training and recruitment,
  • Implementation and creation of corporate plans,
  • Assignment of tasks on team members.

Managers are also able to manage goals for improvement, track the progress of their teams, review demographic data, and distribute the work.

Sales managers have the top position in consumer durables category with median salaries of $132,290.

Marketing Manager

Whatever the budget the company, a marketing manager must make estimates of budgets for promotional projects and marketing strategies. It is the most simple task they’ll ever complete. Furthermore, they need to prepare marketing campaigns that are ready to be approved, work with advertising agencies and be involved in discussions.

In reality, the person in charge of this job performs a significant amount of work to improve processes in the business. This is despite the fact that marketing management can be financially profitable.

Imagine reading TV commercials or online advertisements and writing sales and advertising agreements. It’s not easy isn’t it?

However, they have an average salary of $142,470. It is one of the most lucrative jobs in the field of consumer durable.

Senior Executive

Being an executive in the senior ranks is among the top paid consumer durables jobs. Senior executives are in the middle of the high-level positions. They hold technical positions that oversee the employees who are accountable to them regarding how to implement company policies.

The job requires a certification with experience, knowledge, and a passion to sell consumers durable goods and to increase revenues. All three are required to get this job.

Advertising, marketing and the planning of launch events are all the responsibilities of the executive in charge. Executives at the top are accountable for the evaluation of existing and new client projects based on feedback and pertinent KPIs.

Products Manager

The position of product manager is a highly-paid job in the field of consumer durables.

A product manager’s job is to think up knowledge, tie the corporate strategy with consumer demands and develop viable, suitable, and durable consumer products. Even if you’re paid a an impressive salary it’s likely that you’ll have to work in the same way as working at Samsung as well as LG.

The PM also has the producer’s job to enhance products to meet the needs of consumers and business goals.

Human Resource Manager

The field of human resource management is extremely lucrative and has lots of prestige.

Making plans, organizing, and managing the company’s administrative tasks in a proper manner is a task of human resource managers.

The office of the human resource manager interviews, recruits and hires new employees. To implement ideas they also meet with high-level managers.

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Administrative Assistance

Administrative assistants who are employed within a firm aid the top employees with their tasks.

In the industry of consumer durables administrative assistants can earn lucrative pay. The ideal candidates for this job possess excellent interpersonal and verbal skills.

Administrative assistants are responsible of disseminating information to colleagues, taking phone calls, creating an annual report, organizing meetings, among other things.

In the end in order to be a contender for this job outstanding communication skills and a solid relationship with others are essential.

Media Planner

Based on the research, a media planner’s annual pay is $79,748 in the field of consumer durables. It’s one of the jobs that require a lot of effort and have appealing pay.

Therefore the responsibility of a media planner is to pick the most appropriate for the most effective media channels for product or brand advertisements.

To maximize the effect of advertising campaigns to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns, they work for major advertising or media agencies.

In this respect the media strategist should understand the many media platforms available and their distinct characteristics, distinctions and kinds of audience.

In the end they employ mathematical formulas to decide the best advertising format for their target audience through analyzing demographic data.

As a result it is possible to discern the types of merchandise that correspond to radio jingles television advertising, Internet advertising, and billboards.

Sales Representative

A salesperson position for any major consumer durables firm could be fascinating.

Your chances of working in the field of consumer products as a sales representative are very high if you hold a an education in marketing or business, as well as strong interpersonal and communication abilities.

Sales reps are most likely to spend their time pitching their company’s products to prospective customers to increase sales, instead of other career options in the field.

Field sales reps represent the company’s brand before potential customers.

Account Manager

In the current ever-growing industry of consumer durables account managers are one of the professions that are most sought-after.

This huge support isn’t because of some mysterious motive. Being an accountant, a lot of individuals have strong resumes and work knowledge.

This is why individuals are attracted to jobs in consumer durable goods, where they can be well-paid.

However, it is the job of the account manager to interact with the targeted public in the person. An account manager’s responsibility is to ensure that the firm’s regular tasks of responding to customers’ requests and managing their accounts are in order.

Being a manager of accounts with numerous tasks isn’t a huge deal, just like any other job that pays a high amount for consumer durables. The main thing is to focus on the client’s interests in their account’s status is a an essential part of their task.

To put it in another way, you’ll likely be required to function as an advisor to salespeople as well as a technical expert, financial advisor, and more at certain points in your career.

Business Analyst

The task here is to look at and pinpoint the area of your company’s process that requires improvement to enhance the business procedures.

To share what they learned regarding their work, corporate analysts usually work with all members of the organization.

It’s crucial to point out the fact that having no previous experience in specific fields isn’t enough to be a successful company analyst.

If you’re able to assist in carrying changes the way you work, your expertise in office work and organizational situations can be a factor.

If you’re certain that you’re able to build financial models that can aid the business in making decisions, goals, requirements and corporate plans, do it.

At a minimum Business Analysts employed in major companies like LG, Apple, Microsoft, Haier, or Samsung make an average of $77,218 annually.

Customer Success Manager

A manager for customer success works to increase satisfaction of customers to ensure that your customers are more likely to purchase from your company in the future.

It is quite different based the place you’re based and the kind of product or services you can offer.

Customer success managers play an important position in the services they offer their clients, giving them an advantage over other business professionals.

The most important thing to keep in mind in this case is that the main focus will be increasing customer satisfaction across all levels of your organization, and improving retention rates between 1-2% all the way to 3 and 5%..

If you’re looking to be employed as a manager of customer success it is essential to be aware of where you’re at, what your organization’s requirements are, and how you can be able to meet them.

To make these dreams be realized, traits such as professionalism can assist. The ability to communicate with customers quickly is crucial to ensure that businesses can swiftly offer solutions following contact with customers via phone or email (QR codes).

Strategy Consultant

Another opportunity in the field of consumer durables to consider is a strategy consultant, if you’ve got the required qualifications.

The function of strategists in large companies is to research the company’s objectives and business procedures. Ideas on how to reach the goal should be provided in the final report.

Additionally, it is their obligation to offer growth strategies like cutting costs, generating revenue making crucial decisions and identifying profitable patterns.

According to the statistics that are available in the industry of consumer durables the salary of strategy consultants is a minimum of $70,000 per month, starting at the lowest stage.

The staff accountant

As part of the team as a member of a team, a staff accountant is an accountant who is responsible for the financial documentation of an organization.

They are responsible for ensuring IRS compliance, reconciling bank statements, and balancing ledgers for regular reports. The average annual salary for an employee accounting professional is $48,858.

Communications Coordinator

A Communications Coordinator aids the department’s implementation and monitors the effectiveness of communication plans.

This includes marketing and public relations material including blog entries, press releases and newsletters.

Researching and reporting on communication and marketing strategies and organizing promotional events are essential to the job.

Communications Coordinators can work for small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions and large corporations in all industries and in various organizations.

Based on the nature and size of the company, the job may be different. The requirement for a bachelor’s in communications, marketing or journalism can be shared between Communications Coordinators, however it’s not mandatory.

Bottom Line

The industry of consumer durables is extremely lively. The products are always in high demand and there’s a huge need due to the advancements in technology that we’re witnessing today. In order to keep certain companies ahead of their competition can be a challenge if you don’t have access to the information or it’s not made available from the company it self (it might not even be accessible).

If you agree with my views I would appreciate your comments, sharing, and liking this post and share it!


Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path?

Excellent career option. If you’re attracted to the field and meticulous, this profession is great! It’s an exciting industry that combines all aspects of technology, while providing tangible results to clients every day.

Can I Work in Consumer Durables From Home?

It’s probably Not. Because of the company’s nature of business, most employees operate from a brick-and-mortar office. Even though you are able to invite clients to meet at your home or in a local restaurant, it could be issues if customers can’t reach you via telephone or email. Call center employees constantly contact customers when they are on the phone to address the issues that require immediate attention.

Is it Difficult to Get a Job at Consumer Durables?

It’s much simpler to succeed if you have the right background and expertise than trying to get into other fields. The job can be quite stressful; if it is not kept up-to-date, numerous tiny details need to be taken care of in all other areas, like the sales team, customer service reps and customer satisfaction team members will be handled by other employees.

What is the Environment Like at Consumer Durables?

While working with multiple departments there is an intense importance on communication within this organisation, making it easy to work together, apart from some tight-knit groups of people who may prefer to form their own groups, and apologize to.

How Long is a Typical Day at the Consumer Durables?

7-10 hours, based on the department’s specific needs and the sales territory that is that are covered. Some might work less or hold more events in order to achieve their goals, while others generally earn an average in excess of USD50,000 annually, with commissions and bonuses when they surpass their targets.

What Do I Need For Success as An Employee in Consumer Durables?

The importance of work ethic is obvious and a strong communication skill (both written and spoken) and a sense of direction are crucial. An individual who is hardworking and has good communication skills across areas will be given an advantage in the workplace.

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