How To Add Mods To Minecraft?

How To Add Mods To Minecraft

We know that Minecraft is one of the amazing games that everyone loves to play. There are many features in Minecraft that make it more amazing and it gives you the chance to add new collectibles, helps you to change colors, helps in adding new characters, and also many other things. Do you know with which this happens? This is possible due to mods. So you should definitely know how to add mods to Minecraft.

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Do you know what are mods? These are the alterations and the expansions that help the player to customize as many aspects of the original version of Minecraft. There are currently a hundred mods that are developed by the benevolent Minecraft community over time. 

You should definitely know how to add mods to Minecraft. As it will give you a new gaming experience. You are going to experience many things with mods such as you can restore your Hotbar with new tools, you can adjust your playing speed and you can grant characters new power and skills and much more. So follow these steps to add mods to Minecraft.

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How To Add Mods To Minecraft?

There are several things that you need to install before you will prepare mod. You need to make sure that on the device you are going mods can handle it. For example if you are playing this on your PC then you need to upgrade your graphics to the latest version. You need to keep in mind that your device has enough space. As when the mod gets installed it will take up some space.

You need to know the edition in which you are playing because mods are best suitable for specific editions. Another things that you need to know is you ned to familiarize yourself with the standard process of downloading external programs and lastly you should know how to add mods. 

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Mod is suitable to use in Java Edition of Minecraft. They are very simple to download and then you can easily install it. Mods can’t be used on console as well as on the bedrock edition of minecraft. If you want to use mod on bedrock edition then you you need to add several add-ons that will serve you in exact the same way as mods do. 

Mods do not work in regular Minecraft edition and for them to install firstly you need to install Forge. It is the basic requirement that you need to fulfill in order to insatll mods as it is specialized and designed to integrate mods into Minecraft. It is easily available on Internet and the process of installing mods in very simple. While downloading forge you need to choose that file that will match your selected mods version requirements. For example if your mods are built for version 1.15.3 then you need to download the verion 1.15.3 of forge and install it.

How to install forge on your minecraft server

In order to install as well told you you need to install forge so follow these steps to install forge on your minecraft server.

In the first step you need to visit and then there you need to find the version that matches your mod version and then download it. In case if you are using Mac/Linux then you need to use Installer in order to add Forge and if you are using windows then you are free to download forge. You can download it with the help of using the windows version of the installer.

Then after this when your download will get complete then you need to double click on the installer and hit run. Then you need to select ibstall server. After this you need to pick a location when you want forge to install. It is recommended to use temporary folder on your desktop for an easy access.

Then click on ok to download forge files and there you need to avoid interrupting the process till all the files get downloaded. Then after that in the inside forge files you need to locate a file that will be named as Forge Universal JAR. then you need to rename that file to custom.jar. 

In the last you need to upload the generated files to your server via FTP. It is recommend to use FTP client isntaed of web FTP interface because you are uploading multiple files at one time. So after that when you will complete the uploads then you need to visit the control panel and then click on pick the custom jar option that you will find under server type. Finally you’re done here. Now the next step is to add mods to Minecraft.

How to add Mods to Minecraft

As now you have installed forge to your device now you can add mods to Minecraft easily. Follow these steps to add mods to minecraft.

In the first step you need to download the mods of your choice and it should match the version of forge that is already installed in your device. In the second step you need to upload your mods to the /mod directory of your server with the help of FTP. you can also use FileZilla or also you can use its alternatives for this purpose. In the third step you need to restart your server in order to complete the process once you will upload your mods. Mods must be installed on your device.

How to add mods to Minecraft on windows 10

If you are playing Minecraft on windows 10 then you need to follow these steps

In the first step you need to download the mods that you like to use and there are several websites from where you ca download mods such as and and there are many more. And in case if you want to add any specific mod then you can also search for that mod on google. After that you need to locate the Minecraft directory in your file Explorer: C:Users[yourname]AppDataRoaming.minecraft.

In the second step you need to create the mods folder in Minecraft’s directory and you can name the folder as mods for you ease. In the third step you need move the mods that you have downloaded in the mods folder. After that you need to close the mods folder and run Minecraft

We have told you how to add mods to Minecraft in regular windows and also how you can add them to your windows 10. You can follow these steps and add mods to minecraft. Still if you face any difficulty while doing so then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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