How To Catch A Mew In Pokemon Go?

Being one of the rarest Pokemon from the Kanto region, it is quite difficult to catch a Mew in Pokemon Go. Did you get one? We bet you still don’t have any, but after reading this article, you will no longer have to say that you haven’t got a single Mew yet. How? Read, and get to know yourself. 

To catch a Mew in Pokemon Go, you need to take part in a Special Research Quest called “A Mythical Discovery” where you have to go through the first seven stages to finally reach the eighth stage where you get a chance to catch a Mew. To get a better understanding of this quest, keep reading. 

Pokemon Go contains a lot of different categories of Pokemon that the players have to find and catch. While some of them are regular Pokemon, the others are Legendary or Mythical, speaking of which, Mew is believed to be the first Mythical Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Go, which makes it quite fascinating and the players want to catch it as soon as possible. 

If you also want Mew, the mythical Pokemon, then, let us assist you on the right path to doing that. 

How To Catch A Mew In Pokemon Go?

If you are planning to roam around to find a Mew so that you can catch it, then my friend, you are making a huge mistake that will only and only waste your time, and we are sure that you don’t wish that. 

The only way in which a Mew is guaranteed to the players is by completing a Special Research Quest known as “A Mythical Discovery”. You can find this quest the same way you find your other Field Research quests. 

You just have to tap on the Binoculars icon and go to the “Special” column to find this special research quest. Then you have to complete all the stages of this quest so that you can have a Mew at the end of it. 

In total, there are eight stages of “A Mythical Discovery” and you will need to do certain things under each of these stages as a result of which you will receive some exciting rewards and a Mew encounter at the end. Let us check out all these stages briefly. 

Stage One

Tasks to complete under stage One are:

1. Catch 10 Pokemon – 500 XP

2. Spin 5 PokeStops – 500 XP

3. Transfer 5 Pokemon – 500 XP

Once you have crossed the first stage of this quest you receive 10 Great Balls, three Lure Modules, and an Incubator in the form of rewards. 

Stage Two

The tasks to be completed under stage Two are:

1. Make 10 Great Throws – 1000 XP

2. Earn 2 Candy by walking with your buddy- 1000 XP

3. Hatch three eggs – 1000 XP

Once you complete the second stage, the reward that you get includes either 2000 Stardust, 3 Incense, or 20 Great Balls

Stage Three

Next comes the third stage where the following tasks have to be accomplished:

1. Reach trainer level 15 – 1500 XP

2. Battle in a Gym twice – 1500 XP

3. Battle in 2 raids – 1500 XP

By the end of this stage, the reward can either be a Fast TM, a Charged TM, or Two Star Pieces. 

Stage Four

Here are the tasks for the fourth stage:

1. Earn the Kanto Silver Medal – 2000 XP

2. Earn 5 candy by walking with your buddy – 2000 XP

3. Evolve 20 Pokemon – 2000 XP

You get either 4000 Stardust, three Lure Modules, or 20 Great Balls in the form of a reward for completing this stage. 

Stage Five

Stage 5 includes the following tasks:

1. Catch Ditto – 2500 XP

2. Perform 20 Great Throws – 2500 XP

3. Catch 10 Ghost Types – 2500 XP

The reward for this stage can either be a premium raid pass, a lucky egg, or 15 revives. 

Stage Six

Here are the tasks in the sixth stage of this quest: 

1. Evolve a Magikarp – 3000 XP

2. Reach trainer level 25 – 3000 XP

3. Perform 10 Raids – 3000 XP

The reward you get for completing this stage includes either 6000 Stardust, 5 Rare Candies, or 3 Incense. 

Stage Seven

Stage seven includes the following tasks: 

1. Earn a Kanto Gold Medal – 3500 XP

2. Catch 50 Pokemon using a berry – 3500 XP

3. Perform an excellent curve throw – 3500 XP

Stage Eight – Final Stage

In this stage, you will be given a Mew encounter and if you catch the Mew, the reward you get can either be 4000 XP, 10000 Stardust, a Super Incubator, or 20 Mew Candy. So, here, you will finally be able to catch a Mew for yourself along with a large number of exciting and exclusive rewards. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you understand completely this best method for catching a Mew in Pokemon Go because that’s where you will surely get one. If you are finding difficulty in getting any other Pokemon, you can share it with us in the comments. 

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