How to Check the Generation Of Your Laptop or PC on Windows – Simple Method

How to Check the Generation Of Your Laptop

Sometimes it is important to know what type of CPU you have and how fast it runs. Find out which generation of your Intel Processor is running Windows. Whatever the reason, you’ll learn How to Check the Generation of Your PC or Laptop in Windows 10.

What’s in It?

What are the Differences Between Generations of Laptops?

The term “Generation” is used to refer to the CPU’s age. Different generations might have different frequencies and power consumption. Lithography may also vary. There are differences in the amount and denomination of cache, the number of supported instructions and threads, the number of supported slots, RAM with built-in graphics, or PCI fast channel numbers. While performance can be different from what you expected, they are not always as good.

Each generation uses energy more efficiently and produces less heat. So the 7th generation laptop will be smaller than the 4th generation laptop.

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How to verify the generation of your computer or laptop on Windows

Method 1. How to determine the generation on your PC or laptop through Properties

This guide will help you determine the age of an Intel processor in a computer or desktop computer that runs Windows 7.

You can search for it by clicking on My Computer and then choosing Properties. A summary of your current configuration will appear, as well as the OS. The information that you see will include the processor you’re using. However, it is identified by the name in the marketing or sales.

  1. Click on the right click icon My Computer or Here PC to tap property.
  2. Now, you can verify your processor. The first number that follows i3 or the i5 is simply the name for the generation of your computer or laptop. In this case, the current processor is the 7th Generation of the i5 in the System section.
  3. It could be anywhere between 1 and 9. This means that you could have any generation between 1 and 9.

Method 2.

There are many details about your CPU. Click on ” Performance“, then choose ” Clock“. This will show you the name and speed information for your CPU.

Here’s a way to check the generation status of your laptop using Task Manager on Windows 10.

  1. Start by right-clicking your taskbar and then selecting TaskManager.
  2. Next, click the Performance tab and click the CPU tab. This will display information about what’s known as the Intel Processor and Generation. It simply means what I am using on my laptop and for my PC.

Method 3.

People are trying to figure out the generation of their laptops using Command Prompt. The command is now available to determine the generation.

Below are some steps:

  1. Start the Command Step.
  2. Enter and hit the enter key.
  3. Enter the name and click Enter.
  4. The number which follows the hyphen will be your computer or laptop’s year.


This is how to determine the generation of your computer. The Task Manager and PC Properties will provide you with specific information about your PC and laptop. It’s important to know your Intel processors, and the generations, especially if you’re looking to purchase a laptop/computer or to increase your knowledge.

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