How to Clear Cookies and Cache on Mac

Clearing cookies from your Mac is essential for privacy and accessibility. Clearing cookies on your Mac can help maintain a user-friendly, relevant, and accessible internet experience by storing and saving data.

Clear Cookies and Cache on Mac

Select Settings > Safari from the home screen. Scroll down to Safari’s settings screen and select Clear cookies and data, Clear Cookies and Clear Cache. When prompted, confirm.


Click the three dots icon at the top of the app window. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Click on Cookies and Site Permissions tab. Click on the Manage and delete cookies/site data option.

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What’s the best way to clear cookies and cache on Mac Safari?

How to clear Safari’s cache You can quickly delete Safari’s browser cache using a keyboard shortcut, or the developer menu. You can clear your cache quickly by using the following shortcut: [CMD] +[ALT] +[E].

How can I delete cookies from my Mac 2022

In the menu bar, click “history”. Click “show all histories”. Select the period you wish to delete cookies and click “clear browsing data”. Click “cookies, other site data” then click “clear browsing information”.

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What are the cookies stored on a Mac’s hard drive?

Safari > Preferences > Privacy. Click the “Manage website data ” button to manage Safari cookies. This will display a list of all websites with stored cookies that can be used to track your browsing. You can also see any cached files or other data stored by a website.

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