How to Dual Wield in Elden Ring?

Although Elden Ring is far superior to the rest of FromSoftware’s Soulsborne titles in certain areas, it still relies on a lot of tried-and-true game mechanics. Fans were intrigued by the Elden Ring’s fighting styles after Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s experimental combat. Many of the Dark Souls’ staples are back in full force.

Dual-wielding is an option in Elden Ring, which gives players many options for how they approach character building. Although it might seem simple, there are many things that can go wrong in FromSoft games.

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How to Dual-Wield and Elden Ring

Dual-wielding is as easy as it gets. All a player has to do is have two weapons in their hands. To perform light and powerful attacks with the right-handed weapon, press RB or RT and hit LB or LT to do the same.

Dual-wielding is a great way to boost a player’s damage output. It allows players to attack faster by switching weapon swings. However, it restricts a player’s ability to block in any way and use a shield for parrying.

Dual-wielding is a significant tradeoff but it can work if you can dodging damage or tanking attacks. This type of build type can help you get through the end.

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Can you dual wield seals Elden Ring?

This allows players to stack buffs with dual-wielding sealing seals. Only seals marked “Casting scales of Strength” have an Incant Scaling stat that scales with strength. Strength only affects the physical injury of other strength-scaling seals.

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