How To Evolve Galarian Slowpoke Into Slowking?

The game of Galar, Slowpoke has a pure Psychic-type local form, first introduced by Pokemon Sword and Shield’s 1.1.0 patch. It transforms to Galarian Slowbro when exposed to a Galarica Cuff or a Galarian Slowking when it is exposed to the Galarica Wreath.

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How To Evolve Galarian Slowpoke Into Slowking?

In Pokemon Sword and the Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC, you’ll be able to obtain the Galarian Slowking.

Galarian Slowpoke are originally found on The Isle of Armor and evolve into Slowbro with the help of the Galarica Cuff. If you’d prefer an Slowking instead it is necessary to get the Galarica Wreath. Similar to the Galarica Cuff you’ll need to trade in Galarica Twigs to get it.

Galarica Twigs are in trees on the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra. Look for a sparkling item under the trees while exploring and hit A to take them home.

The NPC to exchange the items is located in an underground cave inside the Roaring Sea Caves region. You’ll need traverse to the Frigid Sea to find her. To reach her, remain at the bottom of Giant’s Bed, avoiding going through any high cliffs. The path will eventually lead into Giant’s Foot, where you can enter the Roaring Sea Caves by bicycle. When you are inside the cave, continue towards the east until find yourself within an area awash with glaciers Frigid Sea. When you leave the caves you’ll be able to see the river. Take your bike and go left on the river until you find the NPC.

You’ll need to exchange her 15 Twigs to get one Wreath. When you’ve received the wreath, you can apply it to a slowpoke to obtain your Slowking.

Galarian Slowking remains psychic However, it’s also poison type instead of the water-type of Kantonian Slowking.

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How does Galarian Slowpoke evolve?

Galarian Slowpoke may transform into Galarian Slowbro when you utilize an item located at The Isle of Armor. It is also possible to transform into Galarian Slowking when you have an item located within The Crown Tundra.

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