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How To Expand Borders In Stellaris

Stellaris is among the most challenging 4X games we’ve seen for a long time. For a game that is 4X, one of the main goals is to expand your area of play.

In Stellaris, this means expanding Borders. But, it’s not always obvious how to Expand Borders in Stellaris. And to make matters even more confusing, the process has significantly changed since the game’s first release, and it’s now able to be just as difficult as Terraforming.

What can you do to expand your boundaries and take on the stars? With our comprehensive guide, you can begin your interstellar (or do we call it “interStellaris?”) conquest right now!

The Importance Of Expanding Borders

We’ve put together an excellent guide on how to increase boundaries in Stellaris. If you’ve not played the game before or are just beginning, perhaps you’re asking yourself one simple question: Why should we expand the borders of Stellaris?

The boundaries of your empire are the primary point of the areas where you can build your colonies. In certain instances, it is possible to increase the size of your border.

Let’s say that there’s an entire planet you’d prefer to conquer. It’s either impossible to colonize it at present or choose to wait due to reasons. When you extend your boundaries to include the entire planet, it’s currently (relatively) secure within your borders, and you can colonize it at your choice.

There are various strategies for playing Stellaris. Expanding the reach of your empire will be the primary element of any strategy. You cannot expand your influence without expanding your boundaries.

A long story in a short amount of time? If you’re looking to attain even a modest amount of success in Stellaris, it is essential to learn how to broaden your boundaries.

Keeping Up With Changes

If you were a fan of Stellaris the first time it came out, some of this information might be difficult for you. There’s a reason for this. After a couple of updates and updates, the whole border expansion process was completely altered.

At first, borders expanded independently. This allowed you to focus on developing your armies and micromanaging your empire.

Returning and new players frequently find themselves stuck in the beginning because borders don’t grow independently. However, it’s not difficult to begin expanding your reach across the globe.

I’ll share some tried and tested methods (and some hit and miss techniques).

Expanding Via Outposts

Guide) How To Expand Borders In Stellaris For Your Empire? - GameTaco

The most fundamental way to expand your territory is to establish outposts. To build an outpost, it is first necessary to choose your construction vessel. After that, you can select either the stars or system (depending on the map view) and then build an outpost.

Like we said earlier, it effectively expands your borders into the system. If you find any habitable planets in this system, you could begin colonizing them as you’d like (assuming there are the right resources).

Do you want to build as many outposts in the area as you can? It all depends on the style of play you prefer. For instance, certain players choose to use strategic choke points that cut off empires that are expanding. When that happens, the other empire will not be able to enter your territory without a treaty or declaring war.

In the same way, it is possible to miss certain systems that may result in loss of influence as a consequence. It is up to you to decide whether the advantages of racing towards chokepoints on the map are greater than the risk of losing influence.

Expanding Via Conquest

The construction of outposts is the most popular method to increase the size of your territory in Stellaris. But another principle of any game that is 4X-based includes “exterminate,” and conquest is an effective way to increase your boundaries. As you can think, there are advantages and disadvantages to this particular strategy.

When you have won over an empire that is a threat, You may be able to claim a portion of their territory. We use the word “some” because different empires may have distinct War Philosophy policies that dictate the systems that can be claimed and which aren’t. If the philosophy is found to have the title “Unrestricted Warfare,” you are able to claim any system as long as it does not belong to members of the Federation.

Do you want to keep things neat and easy? If so, create a war-like empire and hold on to the systems you take on after integrating fleets and winning. In other cases, you’ll need to make use of the tab for managing claims to keep track of the systems you specifically annex through war.

Other Options (That Are Largely Hit or Miss)

We’ve reviewed the two most common options for expanding your territory, such as building outposts and going to the war. For those who are serious about their game, there are alternatives. However, they are mostly either a hit or miss.

For instance, if you have the feudal perk and a vassal, you can use the vassal to increase your zone of operation. This is not as beneficial as you think since your adversaries will have crept to the top areas with outposts at the point you begin producing vassals. Instead, you should concentrate on your outposts and then push them into prime real land.

Additionally, there are several upgrades you can choose from that could expand your borders. However, “help” is the keyword in this case: these upgrades will be used to help an existing strategy rather than be an expansion strategy on their own.

The Right Options At the Right Time

It’s a given; however, there isn’t a right or wrong method to expand your horizons in this game. You can choose the method that is best for you at the moment.

Some players might be cautious of jumping into war in other empires. There’s no harm in focusing upon peaceful development, particularly when the game is in its early stages.

Keep in mind that it will cost you far less influence to take over another empire’s system than it does to develop a system of its own. In particular, it will cost around 1/3 less influence. Therefore, if you’re serious about spending your money on influence and you are in a position to do so, expansion via war might be the best option over peaceful expansion.

How To Expand Borders In Stellaris: What’s Next?

Stellaris has undergone several changes since its first release. We can say that it’s not the same game the day it was first released.

There could be further adjustments to the game over time. To ensure you are aware of the most significant changes, ensure that you keep checking SideGamer every week.

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