How to Fix Lovens | 4 Reasons Lovense Toy doesn’t Charge

Lovense offers a wide range of toys that will satisfy all your sexual desires. The best thing about them is that they can be recharged, so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Rechargeable sex toys may have some problems that aren’t present with other battery-powered toys, like loss of charge.

These are the top 4 reasons Lovense toys don’t cost any:

  1. The charging mechanism is not in place
  2. Inadequate power
  3. Blockage at the charging port
  4. Not Storing Properly

These are the most common reasons your rechargeable toy might stop working. Don’t panic if any of these happen to you. There are simple ways to ensure your rechargeable toys last a long time. These are some quick tips to get your toys charged again.

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These are the Top 4 Reasons Your Lovense Toy Doesn’t Have a Charge.

Reason #1: The Charging Mechanism is Not In Place

Some Lovense toys have special charging mechanisms.

These toys use magnet energy to charge, unlike other toys which use the standard method of charging. The magnetic charge must be maintained for the duration of the charging process.

  • All three toys, Max, Max 2, and Nora, are designed so that when you place the toy in a particular way, the light will turn on. You can assume the toy is not charging. Reposition the toy until the light is visible.
  • The Ambi toy comes with a charging cable and not a cord. The charging dock follows the same principles as the magnetic charging cord. To ensure that your toy charges, you must maintain the magnetic field.

These sex toys are safe to assume that you won’t be able to see the light from the toy.

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Reason #2: Inadequate power

To charge all Lovense toys, plug them into any USB port. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s it! Your cell phone adapter can be used to charge your cute friend. You can plug it into your computer or laptop or into your car charger if you have any fun plans for when you get back home.

These sex toys can charge using any type of USB port. However, you may get a slower charge.

You run the risk of your sexy getting a slower charge if you charge with a desktop or laptop. If your laptop or desktop goes into sleep mode, it conserves power so that things you charge from your device will get less.

If you try to charge your toys with the car’s USB port, it can lead to the same thing. All electronics will shut down depending on what car you have. Even if your car allows the electronics to remain on even though the engine is off, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Third Reason: Blockage at the Charger Port

Lovense toys do not require a magnetic field to charge. There are some small things that can get in your charger port that could prevent the toy from receiving its full charge.

  • All Lovense toys have a charging port. There is an opening in the tunnel that leads to your sex toys’ battery. This means that there is always the possibility of something getting into that tunnel and ruining your fun.

Small pieces of dirt or debris can block your charger’s charging port and prevent it from making a full connection. Clean the port and then try again. Do not stick anything in the port. Simply blow into it to get rid of any stray particles.

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Tips to Clean Charger Port

You should keep in mind that your toy can become stuck in the charging port if it is stored in a linen bag, towel, or another similar item. Make sure your sex toys are not exposed to the elements.

Water is a matter of course. Lovense toys have been designed to be totally waterproof. The water pressure can cause water to enter the charging port if your toy is submerged in water while washing it. This could cause your toy to stop working. This can be avoided by rinsing your toy with water rather than fully submerging it.

Reason #4: Storing improperly

It is important to properly store your rechargeable sex toys. Lovense’s batteries can be removed. This is in contrast to a regular battery-operated toy.

  • Your sex can be disrupted by temperature. Exposed heat can cause a decrease in battery life for lithium-ion cells. The standard care for lithium-ion batteries should be to avoid charging them below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Rechargeable sex toys can drain their energy even if they are not in use. If it’s been a while since your last toy was pulled out, your toy will need to be recharged. You shouldn’t assume your toy has lost its way in your absence.
  • Store your toy for long periods of time. It is a good idea to keep the battery at least 30 to 50 percent charged before you store it.

The app that you pair with your Lovense sex toys has a great feature. This app allows you to see the exact percentage charge of your toy before you put it away.

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What length of time does Lovense need to charge?

When buying a rechargeable toy sex machine, one thing consumers should consider is how long it will take to charge. No one wants to wait for 24 hours before they can have fun.

Every toy from Lovense is unique. The majority of Lovense sex toys will require charging between 70 and 2 1/2 hours, depending on their size and the type of toy.

To determine how long it takes to fully charge your toy before it can be used, read the instruction manual.

What is the Lifespan of a Lovense Toy’s Charge?

The toy will determine how long a sex toy can last after it is fully charged. The Lovense product can usually be used no matter how long it takes to charge.

Some toys can be charged for up to an hour and a quarter and then be ready for use for approximately three hours. You will find information in the instruction manual about how long it takes to charge the toy and how long it can hold its charge before you need to recharge it again.

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