How To Get Dratini In Pokemon Quest In 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Do you enjoy playing Pokemon Quest Games? If yes, you should be aware of Dratini’s importance in Pokemon Quest, and once you know that, go through our guide to how to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon of the Dragon type, Dratini, has a wide range of skills. Therefore, everyone wants to add Dratini to their list of Pokemons so they can use it throughout the game.

Do you also want to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest? Well!! Adding Dratini to your list is not too difficult if players know the right recipes. Didn’t Understand?  Let me understand.

What is the main thing you have to do in order to get Dratini? In a single line, I can say that the best way to get Dratini is by making the right meal that might entice Pokemon to your base camp. 

Want to get a full overview of Dratini for Pokemon Quest? Let’s get with this entire article.

How To Get Dratini In Pokemon Quest? Everything You Need TO know 

The main thing we need to know in this guide is, How to Get Dratini in Pokemon Quest? Or What are the best ways to get it? 

The best way of getting Dratini is simply by cooking. Yes, you heard it right, just by cooking some simple dishes you can get access to Dratini in Pokemon Quest. 

What are the dishes you have to make in order to get Dratini? You can prepare a number of dishes that have a good possibility of luring Dratini. Some of them are listed below.

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The Dishes You Must Prepare In Order TO Obtain Dratini

Blue Soda a la Cube

In Pokemon Quest, players must prepare Blue Soda a la Cube to entice Dratini to camp. This is a blue meal that is made mostly using blue ingredients, Sounds interesting, Right? 

The following list contains all nine of the recipes that players can use to make Blue Soda a la Cube.

  • Bluk Berry x2, Icy Rock x3
  • Bluk Berry, Icy Rock x3, Tiny Mushroom
  • Bluk Berry, Icy Rock x3, Apricorn
  • Bluk Berry, Icy Rock x3, Fossil
  • Bluk Berry, Icy Rock x4
  • Icy Rock x4, Tiny Mushroom
  • Icy Rock x4, Apricorn
  • Icy Rock x4, Fossil
  • Icy Rock x5

How To Evolve Dratini In Pokemon Quest?

At level 30, the Dratini undergoes an evolution that results in Dragonair. At level 55, this Pokemon continues to evolve into a Dragonite. In order to speed up the process of evolution of Dratini to Dragonite, players should prepare the materials in higher-tier cooking pots, which are acquired by advancing through the main quest.

More About Dratini

Dratini is been found living in underwater colonies, also known as Dragon Pokemon. Dratini, which is linked to the life force, keeps expanding until it reaches six feet in length or more. Shed Skin and Marvel Scale are Dratini’s special abilities. Behind a big waterfall, Dratini confides that it is time to shed skin.

Dratini Moves In Pokemon Quest

  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Agility
  • Dragon Rush
  • Extreme Speed

Platforms That Support Pokemon Quest

  • Android
  • Nintendo Switch
  • iOS

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For the time being, Pokemon Quest only offers this method of obtaining a Cube-Shaped Dratini. Future updates might, however, introduce, more strategies for catching Dratini and other Pokemon in the game. We will get to inform you with its future update till then this is the only method to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest. Go, and add Dratini to your list now.

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