How To Get Golden Razz Berries In Pokemon Go? 2 Best Ways

Do you want to increase your chances of catching the Pokemon you face during the encounter? Well, this is possible in a way that requires a certain edible item in the game. We are here talking about the Golden Razz Berries that can often prove to be useful in the game, so, are you ready to know how to get Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go?

To get Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go, you can either take part in gym raids and perform your best as a result of which you receive these berries in the form of rewards. Alternatively, there are also some specific research tasks that reward you with these Golden Razz Berries on completion, you can check them out right in this article below. 

Apart from just battling other Pokemon and capturing them in Pokemon Go, the game is also about obtaining several special items that help the players a lot in several aspects throughout the game to let them advance further. One such item is the Golden Razz Berries that you can use for a very important motive. 

If you are not sure of how and where to obtain these amazing Golden Razz berries as well as what these berries exactly do in Pokemon Go, you will soon find everything if you keep reading. 

What Are The Golden Razz Berries For In Pokemon Go?

The Golden Razz Berries are basically a variant of the Razz Berries in Pokemon Go which are mainly available for two important purposes. 

While the Razz Berries can increase your chances of catching a Pokemon in the encounter by 1.5 times, if you have Golden Razz Berries, your possibilities of catching the Pokemon will rise by 2.5 times, which means you are surely going to get that Pokemon, even if the Pokemon you are aiming for is a wild one. 

Apart from this advantage, another thing that these candies can do is restore the motivation meter of a Gym Defender fully. 

So you can see how important it is to get at least a few Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go, right? Let us then find out how to obtain them in the game. 

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How To Get Golden Razz Berries In Pokemon Go?

Firstly, to be eligible to obtain any Golden Razz Berry, you, as a player, must have reached at least the Trainer Level 10 in the game. 

Now comes the next thing, there are two possible ways in which you can get Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go, let us discuss both of them one by one. 

1. By Winning Raid Battles

If you effectively contribute to a gym raid battle in the game and beat the raid boss with great speed, it will affect the number of Golden Razz Berries you receive in return. Plus, you also get some Premier Balls as well. 

So, just go ahead and take part in the Gym Raids with complete preparation so that you are sure of winning the battle. Try to win the battle as quickly as possible and contribute as much as you can to it. 

2. By Completing Specific Research Tasks

There are a lot of research tasks present in the game which provide the players with amazing rewards on their completion. A few of them are the ones where you can receive the Golden Razz Berries in the form of rewards, here is a list of the currently available research tasks where you get the Golden Razz Berries. 

1. “Catch A Ditto“ research task – This will get you two Golden Razz Berries

2. “Catch A Dragon-Type Pokemon” research task – This will get you two Golden Razz Berries

3. “Make Three Great Curveball Throws In A Row” Research Task – This will also get you two Golden Razz Berries. 

So if you complete all these research tasks once each, by the end of completion, you will be possessing six Golden Razz Berries which is a good amount. 

Wrap Up

This was how you can get Golden Razz Berries in Pokemon Go, the methods are not that hard and involve the tasks that you usually perform while playing the game so you must not be stressed about it.

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