How To Get Inkay In Pokemon Go?

You must have added many Pokemon to your list after completing challenging tasks in Pokemon Go. Did you also include Inkay in that list? If not, how can you possibly forget it? In Pokemon Go Inkay is the only Dark-type Pokemon that is quite simple to catch. So, today we are going to show you how to catch Inkay so you can add it to your Pokemon list.

To get an Inkay in Pokemon Go, you simply have to complete some Field Research Tasks or duties. Weather also plays an important role while catching it.

I am sure that it won’t be too difficult for you to catch Inkay in Pokemon Go. Let’s show you how you can do it.

How To Get Inkay In Pokemon Go?

On September 3, 2022, during the Inkay Research event, you can obtain the Shiny Inkay for the first time. Trainers of Pokemon will get a brief opportunity from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM local time. You will also receive a number of event perks in addition to an enhanced likelihood of running into Shiny Inkay. 

But in order to meet Inkay, you must finish the field work duties. While Shiny Inkay won’t be found in the wild, you can still locate a number of other Pokemon. Additionally, you can run across their shiny version, which is icing on the cake.

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What Are The Ways To Catch Inkay In Pokemon Go?

The type of creatures that spawn in a location depends on a number of criteria, the same for Inkay also. While catching Inkay, there are also some major criteria.

  • Surprisingly, the weather has a big impact on its spawning rates.
  • The probability of a Pokemon spawning in the wild depends on the general rarity of that Pokemon in the game.

The mobile game frequently replicates the local weather where the player is playing in terms of the meteorological conditions. Players looking to hunt Inkay should therefore conduct a quick search on the forecast software on their mobile device. When it’s windy and foggy outside, players seeking Inkay will have the most success.

The bulk of Normal, Flying, and Bug-type Pokemon are the ones that spawn most frequently in terms of a rarity as a whole. Inkay is a Psychic and Dark-type Pokemon, hence it does not spawn as regularly as other Pokemon. Despite the sad nature of this, players can, with a little work, enhance the likelihood of one hatching.

How Can You Increase The Spawning Rate Of Pokemon?

There are many items that can increase the spawning rate of Inkay and other Pokemon.

These items include several Incense varieties as well as various Lure Module varieties. 

  • Incense: Players will generally start with the traditional Incense, which is the white stick with a green stripe. When utilized, these things function by affixing to the player. As the player continues to move, they dramatically enhance the chance that Pokemon may spawn nearby.
  • Lure Modules: Another well-liked option among gamers is the Lure Module, which usually fits a sedentary playstyle. These item function by fastening to surrounding Pokestops and Gyms to raise the area’s average spawn rate. On the other hand, various Lure Module variations in Pokemon Go draw various Pokemon. 

How To Increase The Chances Of An Inkay Spawning?

  • To increase the general spawn rate of the area around Inkay, Players are best off using the regular Incense and standard Lure Module.
  • Players should wait for the cloudy or windy conditions to greatly boost the likelihood of an Inkay spawning.

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Well!! Hope that from our guide, you will now be able to get Inkay in Pokemon Go. You don’t have to do something very special or difficult to get it. All you have to do is to wait for the ideal weather condition, where you can catch it easily by doing some research field tasks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Inkay not evolving in Pokemon Go?

Inky requires 50 Inkay candies to transform into Malamar. When you initially press the evolve button, it will be red, signifying you can’t evolve it. However, if you hold your smartphone upside down, the evolve button should turn green, allowing you to complete your evolution.

Is Inkay has a shiny version in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Shiny Inkay will be available for the first time in Pokemon Go! You might come upon a shiny one if you are fortunate.

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