How To Get Roblox Voice Chat Without Id?

Roblox recently introduced the voice chat feature, allowing players to chat to one another on the game. So, let’s explore How to Get Roblox Voice Chat without ID. If you’re under 13 years old then you won’t be allowed to use the feature, however when you’re over 13 years old and above, you’ll be capable of. Therefore, these are the ways to follow.

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  • Start the Roblox game and switch on the recording option.
  • Click on the Privacy tab.
  • Now turn to the Voice feature on by activating it.
  • The button’s color will change from green to grey to indicate that the chat is enabled.

If you wish to deactivate your voice contacts, you can repeat the steps above , and switch off voice call.

Only a handful of players can participate in Roblox’s second beta voice chat. If you’ve been selected to take part in this beta, you’ll get the message below when you sign up to an experience that allows you to chat with voice when you’ve confirmed your phone number and the email address you use Roblox and are above 13 years old.

To determine whether your phone number and email address are verified, go to your Settings part within your Roblox account. Look for the tab labeled Account Information. In this section is your name as a display username and password, as well as your telephone number, and email address. If your email address and phone address has been verified with Roblox and verified, you will see the appearance of a checkmark in front of them by the words Verified.

If you do not have an address or phone number address linked to your account, use the Add buttons between the two empty fields to add the information to Roblox’s systems. After you’ve entered your phone or email, Roblox can send two messages to verify your account: one by text and one via email. Find and open both these messages, and then press the verify button.

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If you’ve done it correctly If everything is done correctly, your telephone numbers and emails will be verified at the next time you look up your account details. After you’ve completed these steps if you’ve been chosen to be a beta tester, you’ll be able activate voice chat in your privacy settings without having to provide and verify an ID.

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