How To Grow Pumpkins In Minecraft?

How To Grow Pumpkins In Minecraft

Minecraft has many different features and the visualization of the game is just awesome. The gameplay makes this game amazing. There are many different things that you can do in Minecraft. There are many different animals and different food items that they need. One of them is Pumpkin. But do you where to find pumpkin? Do you know how to grow pumpkins in Minecraft? If yes then it’s great but if not then worry not as we will tell you how you can grow pumpkins in Minecraft.

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You need to worry as you can do it easily. You just need to follow the steps that we are going to tell you in this guide. This is one of the interesting crops that you can grow in Minecraft. They are different from the others and they also require different growth processes than most of the crops. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while growing pumpkin so we will tell you that.

Pumpkins can be used to make snow golems and iron golems, you can wear them on your head, you can use them to trade with villagers, you can also make jack o’lanterns with them and you can use them in making pumpkin pie. There are several materials required in the growth of pumpkin and firstly you need to find those things that are required in the pumpkin growth. 

So without wasting any further time let’s see how to grow pumpkins in Minecraft. You need to keep reading as we are going to tell you several things about pumpkin too along with the growth process.

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How To Grow Pumpkins In Minecraft

There are several things that you will need in the growth process and those things are pumpkin seeds, Hoe of any type, water bucket and there is one optional thing bone meal that will according to your choice whether you want to use in the growth process or not. 

You need to find pumpkin seeds in order to grow pumpkin and you can find the pumpkin seeds in a number of different ways as you can find them in the chest loom from dungeons, you can find them in mineshafts, you can find them in woodland mansions and also villages. Pumpkins can also be found in the villager outposts and they can be naturally generated in the overworld of the grassy biome.

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In order to grow pumpkins, you will need land and you need to till the land and you can do that with the help of hoe. A hoe will help in the durability and also help in block-breaking of the hoe but it will not help in increasing the crop yields. You can use different materials for that.

You should know that pumpkins don’t require a lot of water or much-hydrated land so you can use the normal land for growth purposes. You can get in the hydrating farmland in order to ensure efficiency. In this case, you need to lose your pumpkin seeds and you need to take care of that. 

The another thing is bone and that is optional and you can use the bone meal on the pumpkin seeds in order to accelerate the process. Bone meal will help to skip the time that is required for the stem to grow but it will not make the pumpkin seed to grow itself.

Now as we told you everything about the material that is required in making the pumpkin and now you need to follow these steps in order to grow pumpkin in mInecraft

In the first step, you need to locate the pumpkin from the pumpkin seds. You can do it in different ways as there are different ways to find pumpkin seeds and pumpkin. You can also decide to go for looting in order to find pumpkin seeds in chest loot, you can raid some villages for their pumpkins and you can also run into a pumpkin in a grassy biome and for that, you need to obtain pumpkin seeds. When you will find a full pumpkin then you can use it in a crafting menu in order to convert that pumpkin into pumpkin seeds. 

In the second step when you will obtain the pumpkin seeds, you can then start to grow the pumpkin seeds. After that, you need to patch the pumpkin to be. As we told you pumpkins don’t grow like the other crops and the other thing that you need to know here is you can’t grow it on the same block on which you planted the seeds on. They will grow adjacent to the stem. You need to make sure that you should have an open adjacent block of space if you want different rows of pumpkins. And also you can have all four adjacent blocks of space if you want fast growing pumpkins.

In the third step you need to begin the tilling the land with the help of hoe and you just need to right click with your hoe equipped in order to create farmland. 

In the next step, you need to place a water source that should be nearby in order to hydrate the farmland. You need to ensure that the farmland does not deteriorate on its own and then you can grow as many pumpkins as you want to. 

In the fifth step when the water is placed then you can place the seed that you collected in the farmland. Then the seeds that you have selected on the farmland you need to right-click. You need to make sure that there should be grass on which the pumpkin grows, or it can be farmland, coarse dirt or it can be dirt blocks.

In the next step, the seeds that you have planted can optionally use bone meal in order to speed up the process. Then you need to select the bone meal in your hot bar and then you need to right-click on the pumpkin plants in order to accelerate their growth. The different maturity levels of the pumpkin stem can be seen.

In the last step when your pumpkin seed will grow fully and then all you have to do is wait. After they will reach full maturity then you can’t bone meal the stems. This will not help to accelerate the growth of the pumpkin and you need to require a light level of 10 in order to generate it. After that, you need to place torches that should be close to glowstone that are above stems in order to provide them enough light for the pumpkins to grow.

So this was all about how to grow pumpkins in Minecraft. We told you all the steps and also you about the mterails that are required and how you can get that. Now all you need to do is follow this and then you can grow pumpkins easily in Minecraft. Still, if you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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