How to Increase Popularity in Pubg and BGMI

How to Increase Popularity in Pubg Mobile and BGMI For Free

Remember this quote? – First impression is the last impression. The same goes with Pubg Mobile players. 

Let me ask you one simple question. Whenever someone invites you to Pubg, what do you first see in his profile? His Stats and Popularity, right.

Now, what if I tell you that there are some unique ways of increasing popularity. Not everyone will tell you about these tricks.

However, whether you are a newbie or a pro player, these tips and tricks to increase popularity in Pubg will definitely work for you.

How To Increase Popularity in Pubg Mobile and BGMI For Free

Popularity can only be sent by others. One can’t receive his own popularity. 

Most gamers usually try to insist their teammates to send popularity which is quite alright. But why do you need popularity and why will they send it to you? This is the main thing to ponder over.

Why Do You Need Popularity?

As already discussed, there’s no doubt that popularity remains the first and foremost impression for a Pubg player. 

Your profile will look prominent if you have a good amount of popularity.

Easy Tricks To Increase Popularity in Pubg and BGMI

Improve Your Game

Players give more and more popularity to a gamer who always plays like a pro. So, instead of thinking about getting popular, your first step should be to boost your gaming skills. You can use these Pubg Mobile tips and tricks to improve the game.

Make More and More Connections

Another way to increase popularity in a game is by adding more and more connections.

You can talk with random teammates, make good connections with them and then ask for popularity. They will not deny it. 

Gather Popularity Via Social Media

Create your own groups on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook and invite users to those groups. Share your stats, short videos and create opened items in the groups. Also, share your ID with newly added friends and ask them to give you popularity.

Create A YouTube Channel

Start making your game videos and upload them on YouTube. At first, you might not get many views, but after some days of consistent work, you’ll start getting results. People will visit your profile and give you popularity. 

The same is the case with Dynamo, Scout, and Ghatak. Today their popularity is over 100k.

Participate in Events

Whether it’s BGMI or Pubg Mobile, there’s always one event in every season that allows you to redeem gifts including popularity. 

Collect as much popularity as you can and send them to your teammates. Then your teammates will also give some popularity to you.

Create One More Game Account

It’s not illegal to create a fake Pubg account. You can create a new game ID during events and collect popularity in that ID. Now give that popularity to your main Pubg account.

As we all know that after the BGMI release, all Pubg Mobile players were allowed to shift their accounts from Pubg to BGMI. This included shifting of everything except popularity.

Many pro players including Dynamo, Mortal, Kronten, etc too faced this problem as their popularity also started from 0.

The Last Trip

Most gamers want to get popularity in Pubg in a short period of time. So, they browse for hacks on the internet. Some try to gain popularity via paid methods which are not genuine and we don’t recommend anyone to buy popularity. 

Instead of buying it, try using the above-mentioned free tricks.

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