How To Join Lan Minecraft

How To Join Lan Minecraft?

Wanna play Minecraft with your friends? Worry not we are here for you with a solution. For that, you can set up LAN for yourself. It will let you play with your friends. So what’s better than this is that you can play your favorite game with your friends. See here how to join lan Minecraft.

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You can settle up lan server easily and it will enable you to play with your friends by using the closest network. The issues are quite minimal. The majority of the servers that Lan has are private and you won’t be able to join this unless the player who wants to use lan uses forwarding features. With the help of this, you can build a world together with your friends and also with the players that are using the local port. 

For some players setting up lan is quite difficult but worry not we will make this easy for you. Just follow these steps and join lan Minecraft.

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How To Join Lan Minecraft

In order to connect to a lan server in Minecraft, you need to connect to a lan server. For that you will need two things and those two are the port number and the other thing is the P of the computer system on which you will create the lan server. 

Talking about the port number it is a five digit code that will show up in the game log that will be show up when you will create the lan server. In order to create the lan server you need to launch your minecraft game and then you need to create a single player world. After when the world will be generated then you need to press escape and then you need to open the lan button. Doing this you need to open lan button and then after that you need to do some sort of configurations. These configurations will include the game mode and in this the cheats will not be allowed. 

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When you will do this as we told you to do then you just need to click start Lan world and then you will notice a message that will be in your game chat. You need to remember that and you can also write it somewhere. When you will get the port number then you will need the IP address that will work in the host computer system. In order to get the IP address in windows then you need to go to the start menu and then you need to type in network settings. 

Once you will open the network settings then you need to open the click properties and then you can just scroll down and then you will find the IP address. Incase you are usin a MAC computer system then you need to click the Apple icon that will be on the top left on your home screen. 

Then after the drop down menu then you need to click on the system preferences. After that you need to click on the network settings and then you need to navigate to advanced settings. After this you will able to see the IP address on the screen.

After you will get the IP address and the port number from the host computer then you need to boot up your friends’s computer and then you need to launch microsoft. Then in the game menu then you need to click on multiplayer and then you will notice various options that will be visibly to you that are listed at the bottom. 

Then you need to click on the direct connect button and after that you will be directed to the input nserver address. After this you need to combine both the port number along with the IP address in order to join the server. 

You just need to type in your computer IP and after that you need to add a colon and then you can add the five digits of your port number. For example, and then you will be able to join the lan server. For that you just need to click on the join server button. Then after this you will be taken to the lan server and then you can start enjoying different aspects of the game together. 

After that you will receive a notification in the game chat of the host and that will tell you that your friend has successfully joined the server and then you both can start playing together. It will help you to build something together with your friend and you will only need your friend in this and not a lot of people. 

When you will join this then you can see that there are lot of players that find errors while doing this and they are not able to join the lan server. But there is no worry when we are here for you with every solution. There are many possible things that will help the player to fix that thing and then they will be able to join the server. 

For that they need nto check the windows firewall settings and then thye need to make sure that Minecraft is allowed to use lan ports. After checking this if they still can’t fix this then it is advisable to them to reinstall your network drivers and they need to update the version and then they can configure the settings again.

There are also some kinds of mob that will make your game to run into an error and then you need to find them. After you will find them you need to disable those mods before you try to connect to lan server. As it will not let you to connect. If still anything appears and not let you to connect to lan server then the best thing that you can do is you can reinstall your game and it will solve all your problem and after that you can enjoy lan server.

Once you will able to fix all the problems and easily connect to a lan server then you can easily enjoy Minecraft with your friend. So what are are waiting for? Go and join lan minecraft and enjoy the gameplay of Minecraft. 

So this was all about how to join lan minecraft. We told you everything about how you can join lan Minecraft and also the perks of joining lan Minecraft. You can enjoy the game with your friends. And if you are unable to join then also we told you the solution to this. Still if you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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