How to Make a Sliding Door in Minecraft

How to Make a Sliding Door in Minecraft

Materials Include Materials: 6 Pistons and 4 pressure plates 2, two Redstone torch’s 14 blocks Redstone and four glass blocks.

Alright, let’s get started.

Introduction: How to Make a Sliding Door in Minecraft

Step 1: Pistons

Put three pistons on one another. Then, move four blocks to the left repeat the process. (make sure they are facing towards the inside)

Step 2: The Hole

Dig a 2-block hole as shown in the image.

Step 3: Redstone

Put a block on each side of the three pistons. Place a torch made of Redstone under and then sprinkle Redstone dust over.

Step 4: Covering Up the Hole

Then, fill in your hole and put your pressure plates in a 2×2 pattern on either side.

Step 5: Finishing It

Put your glass blocks on sticky pistons.

Step 6: Adding a Few Touches

In this phase, you can go over anything you wish to cover.

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