How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft?

Just like the other chests in Minecraft, there is also another chest called an ender chest. But do you know how to make an ender chest in Minecraft? What does an ender chest in Minecraft do? Well, let me tell you that an ender chest in Minecraft also stores items but there is one extra perk in the ender chest that it will allow you to share the inventory with the other ender chests that are put anywhere in the world and it will include the dimensions like the Nether or the End. 

One thing that you should know here is that the contents that are dropped in the standard wooden chests are not dropped in the ender chest if it is destroyed. Instead of that, you can retrieve them in some other ender chest in your world or the other thing that you can do is you can create a new ender chest. There is one drawback of this and that is it is way more difficult to create an ender chest as compared to that of the chest. 

The materials that are required in making the ender chest are eight blocks of obsidian and an eye of ender. These are the most difficult items in the game that are hard to find. This makes it difficult for the player to make an ender chest. But worry not we will tell you how you can find these materials and also how you can make an ender chest for yourself. 

So let’s get started with how to make an ender chest in Minecraft. Follow these steps and get one ender chest for yourself if you require one.

Materials Required in the making of Ender Chest

Firstly you need to get the material that is required in making the ender chest. So in order to get the obsidian, you need to follow these steps. You know that obsidian can be mined at the places where water meets lava. This means that you can also create the production of obsidian on your own. All you need is a bucket that you need to scoop up the lava and then you need to dump it into a four-block pit.

Then you need to pour the water as it will flow from the lava from a certain height. When you will do this then the lava will turn into obsidian. You can mine that obsidian with a diamond pickaxe. You can acquire this at the Nether portal or you can form this on the platform in the end region that is created every time you will enter the End. 

In order to get the eye of ender, you need to follow this. Firstly let me tell you that eye of ender has so many applications. You can obtain the eye of the ender with the help of crafting. In order to do that you need to gather a blaze powder and also an ender pearl to craft the eye of ender in Minecraft. Endermen will drop the ender pearls and he will drop them when the slender and tall mobs die in the game. The blaze rod that is obtained from the blazes will give you the blaze powder.

These are the golden flying hostile mobs that can be found in nether fortresses that will drop blaze rods when they are killed. Then you can use the blaze rods to craft blaze powder. After you have the blaze powder along with the ender pearl then you can use them in making the ender chest.

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

In order to make ender chest in Minecraft firstly, you need to open your crafting table in order to craft the ender chest with the help of the ingredients that are there in your inventory. You need to open your crafting table that will have the 3×3 crafting grid. After this, you need to place the obsidian on the crafting table. For that, you need to have eight obsidian blocks in your inventory and then you need to place them on the grid that will fill up every spot leaving the one that is in the center of the grid.

In the third step, you need to place the eye of ender. After you have placed the obsidian and there is one empty spot in the grid that needs to filled with the second ingredient that is required in the making the ender chest that is the eye of ender. After you will place it on the empty spot there will appear an ender chest on the other side. Then finally you need to place this ender chest in your inventory as you have crated one ender chest for yourself you need to drag it to your inventory. 

In Nutshell

In order to make an ender chest, you need to place eight pieces of obsidian that should be around the outside perimeter of the crafting table and then there will be one empty space in the middle. In the center of the grid, the empty box needs to be filled with the eye of ender to complete the crafting process. In the last you need to click on the ender chest in order to collect the block out of the crafting table and then you can drag it to your inventory.

More about ender chest

Ender chests are different from the other chest as they will not drop the items even if they are destroyed while the other chests will drop if they are destroyed. This will make a difference between the ender chest and the other chest. The other main thing is that the ender chest is not at all affected by the explosion while talking about the other chest they can be destroyed with an explosion. This makes the ender chest more powerful than a normal chest. 

Also, you can place anything in the ender chest according to your choice. You should put major items in the ender chests such as emeralds, enchanted tools, diamonds, and armor. You can also keep a stack of food in your ender chest too if in case the other chest are destroyed somehow so you need not to run out on food and you will have a backup for that. 

So this was all about the ender chest. We told you everything about how to make ender chest in Minecraft and also about the materials that are required in making a ender chest. It is recommend to use the ender chest compared to the normal chest. As you will have access to blocks of obsidian and also you will have resource storage at an effective rate. You should have ender chest handy always. Go and start making your own ender chest and if you face any difficulty while making one then do ask us in the comment section. 

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