How to Make an Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

How to Make an Invisibility Potion in Minecraft

Do you know what is invisibility potion in Minecraft? How to Make an Invisibility Potion in Minecraft? It is something that will help the players to get out of the sticky situations or also from the sneak past threats that are given to the players that they don’t want to face. As you know players in Minecraft need to gather up the resources that will help them to make several kinds of potions.

Players can store these potions in their inventory and also when there is a need to drink them they can do it easily. These potions convey powerful and also potential life saving bonuses, abilities or the buffs., 

One thing great about potions is that they can heal the players whenever required and also it will make them fire resistant and also allow them to breathe underwater. Although there are many kinds of potions the most potent potion is the potion of invisibility. The potion of invisibility in the game can help in making the player model disappear but it is not without weaknesses.

You should know that mobs can still detect and attack the player model when they see any at a very close range and this range can be increased if the player is wearing any kind of armor. This potion of invisibility can only affect the player model so it will not render invisible the weapons and the other items that the player is holding.

The potion of invisibility is made of Brewing stand just like all the other potions in Minecraft. Talking about the brewing stand it can be made with the help of using three cobblestones along with one blaze rod at a crafting table. Players know that cobblestone is a common resource that they have a plenty of supply of but the blaze rod is not so common it will only be dropped from blazes in the Nether. 

When all the resources are gathered then the brewing stand can be made at the crafting table with the help of the three cobblestones placing it in the bottom row and also the blaze rod that will be placed in the center. You can find the brewing stone in the Igloos and the Village Churches.

As you know potions are a great help to increase the player’s chances of survival in Minecraft and some potions are very useful than others. Talking about the Potions of Invisibilty it can help the players to navigate hostile areas and it will free them from the prying eyes of dangerous mobs. 

How to Make an Invisibility Potion in Minecraft?

In order to make the invisibility potion, the first thing that the players need to understand is that they need some other potion and that is the Potion of Nightvision. In order to make the potion of Nightvision the players need one Nether Wart, along with one golden carrot and also one water bottle. In order to find the nether wart, they need to find it at Nether Fortresses or Bastion Remnants.

So the Glass bottles can be crafted by placing two glass blocks at the left also at the right of the crafting table grid’s top row and one in the center. Coming to the result of this there will be three glass bottles. Those glass bottles can be filled with water by using them on any water source.

In Bastion Remnants or Ruined Portals, golden carrots can be found and they can be made easily too when you will place a carrot at the center of the crafting table and surround it with gold nuggets on all the sides. Eight gold nuggets are required to make one golden carrot. You can add all of these ingredients to the brewing stand if you want to produce the potion of NIghtvision.

Then you need to place so, me blaze power in the far left box in order to activate the brewing stand. In order to make blaze power, you need to place a blaze rod in the crafting table. Then place the water bottle in one of the bottom boxes and the Nether wart in the brewing stand’s top box. This will result in an awkward potion after a short delay and it has no effect. Then finally you need to place the golden carrot in the top box to create the potion of night vision.

So finally in the making of a potion of invisibility the players need to combine a fermented spider eye , along with the potion of night vision in the brewing stand. In order to make the fermented spider eye, you need a spider eye which the spiders will drop or a mushroom or sugar. The players need to place the mushroom in the first box of the first row of a crafting table and in the second table, they need to put the sugar. Below the sugar, they need to place the spider eye in the center box.

Then in the bottom three boxes in the brewing stand, you need to place potion of nightvision in any of the box and the fermented spider eye in the top box. Taking some time it will make the invisibility potion. The potion of invisibility will have a duration of three minutes and also there is a chance to make an improved version with the duration of eight minutes.

In order to do this, the players in the game need to place the potion of invisibility in the brewing stand’s bottom and also some redstone dust in the box at the top. If you want to obtai redstone dust you need to mine redstone ore and place it on a crafting table.

Another way of getting the potion of invisibility is from wandering traders. But there is one condition that you will only get that if they drop it while they are drinking it. Chancing of getting this is quite slim so it’s better for the players that they make their own supply a of this.

List of the things that remain visible even if the players uses a potion of invisibility:

Held items that the players are having.

Having horse armores or any armor.

A llama’s carpet decoration.

Head of a shulker.

Arrows that are stuck with the player’s character.

Players that are on fire or any kind of mobs or also players emitting any type of particle effect.

Eyes from the mobs like Endermen, creepers, spiders, phantoms will remain visible.

So this was all about the potions of invisibility in minecraft. We have discussed everything that what does the potion of invisibility does and the steps to make the potion of invisibility. Also, the thins that are still visible after using the potion of invisibility effect. Still, if you find that there is something missing then do mention that thing in our comment section. We would love to add that in our article.

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