How to Make Campfire in Minecraft?

How to Make Campfire in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are several tools and tricks that you can use to make certain things easier for yourself. Similarly, there is a campfire that you can use in Minecraft. But do you know how to make campfire in Minecraft? If yes then it’s great but if you are not aware of everything that what does the campfire does and how to make a campfire then worry now as we are here with everything that what does the campfire does and how you can make it with easy steps.

But first, let me ask you do you know what is the purpose of a campfire in Minecraft. Let me tell you that campfire is versatile in Minecraft. You can use a campfire as a decorative item and it will help you to light up the area that will be around you and you can try to imitate the real world with a trail of smoke that is rising into the air. You can even make it more realistic according to your choice. 

Three are different materials that are required to make a campfire in Minecraft and they are three wooden sticks, one coal or you can use one charcoal and you need to have three wooden blocks or you can also use three logs of any kind of wood. As you know a stick is required in making everything in Minecraft so you need to have four sticks at a time. 

It is a very easy step to locate the coal ore but there is one condition that it should be there in large deposits. You can find the coal ore normally between the four and fifteen blocks that should be below level. After that, you need to dig up the coal ore with a pickaxe in order to mine for coal. There is no other tool that will help the coal to drop. 

But you need to know the steps in detail in order to make Campfire. So without taking any further let us start with how you can make a campfire in Minecraft.

How to Make Campfire in Minecraft

Firstly in order to make a campfire, you need to open the crafting table that is made up of a 3×3 grid. After that, you need to place three wooden logs of your choice that will be of any kind in the last row, and in the center, you need to place coal. Then finally in the remaining sides of the coal, you need to place three sticks there.

This was all about how you can make it but you need to know in detail all these steps and need to know from where you will get the materials. After you will make a campfire then one thing that you need to do is you need to move that to your inventory.

The wood you are going to need can be from any of the following trees they are Spruce, Oak, Birch, Arcia, Jungle, and Dark Oak. the method to acquire a log is the same. You need to locate a tree. Then you need to equip your axe and you can do it with your hand too but at the sacrifice of chopping speed. You need to left-click on a block of the tree’s trunk and you need to hold it.

Then you need to depend on the tier of your axe that the log will drop. In the last, you need to pick it up and all you need is the materials that are required to make a campfire. So let’s get started.

Now let us discuss this in detail.  Firstly you need to open the crafting table that will have the 3×3 grid. In the second step, you need to place the sticks.  As you know it requires three sticks so you need to place the first stick in the second cell of the first row and you need to place the second stick in the first cell of the second row.

Talking about the third stick you need to place that in the third cell of the second row. You need to make sure that these sticks are placed in the right direction.

After this, you need to place the coal. As you will place the sticks then you need to move to the next time required that is coal. It is placed in the center of the grid and the center is the second cell of the second row. In the fourth step, you need to place the wood logs. You should know that three logs are required for a campfire and the only compliment that is required in the recipe when you will place it in the last row is that you need to fill it entirely as we told you to do.

After this, you need to drag the campfire item to your inventory. As you have finally crafted the campfire that you require now all you need to do is to drag it into your inventory. Once you will do this you are ready to place it anywhere you like to place it.

More about campfire

You can use it as a decorative item. You can also use this to light up the surroundings as it’s the ability to light the surrounding is much more than that of the torch. The best thing about a campfire is that you can’t break it easily and you can also restore it in your inventory. This means that it is very much suitable for lighting up your home base.

You can also melt up to three snow blocks that are surrounding it with the help of a campfire. Campfire can also be used as a source of heat to cook your raw food. You need to right-click on the fire for up to four raw food items and then they will appear around it then you can cook at the same time. After this, the cooked version will show up on your screen and it will be ready to collect after 30 seconds.

From this, you can see that it is not only used for lighting up the environment but also it is used for many other purposes. They can also be used as signals that will help you to guide to reach your home base. It is because of the trail of smoke rising from the campfires. Also, campfires can be used to farm honey that too without the potential threat of being attacked by bees.

So this was all about how you can make a campfire. Hurray!! You did it you made a campfire. Now you can light up the surroundings and also use it as a symbol to guide you back or you can use it to melt the snow around you.

Now go and cook your food with the help of this. Or if you were falling short of the decorative items then you can use it for that purpose too. Give your place a fireplace vibe. We told you everything here that we know about a campfire. You can follow these steps to make one on your own. If you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section. 

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