How to make lectern in Minecraft

How to Make Lectern in Minecraft?

I know these days everyone is so busy playing Minecraft that they are searching for everything related to it. There are different animals that require different items, there are different potions that you can make and now here we are how to make lectern in Minecraft. Do you know what is lectern in Minecraft?

I guess not but let me make your clear about what is lectern. Lectern in Minecraft are used for blocks. They can be used to hold blocks and also you can use them to hold furniture pieces. This is an easy block that you can use to craft and you can fill the room or also use this one as a podium. In this if you want to ensure that a villager should become a librarian then you need to make a lectern. This is essentails in Minecraft when you are looking for a specific enchanted book.

How to make lectern in Minecraft? You know that there wil be different things required in order to make a lectern. In order to make a lectern you need to open the crafting table area that will be made up of 3×3 grid and then you need to fill its first row entirely with three wooden slabs and then you need to place a bookshelf in the center of the second row and after that you need to place one more wooden slab directly underneath it. In the final step you need to click the lectern and then you need to drag it into your inventory.

Although these were the steps but you should know in detail that how can make a lectern in Minecraft with all the materials required. The different materials that is required in making of the lectern includes four wooden slabs, along with one bookshelf and one crafting table. So in order to make the lectaern you can use any of the wooden slab for the lectern and in that case the type of the wood will not matter and for this you can mix and also match different slabs for this recipe.

Do you know what is the most difficult step in making of the lectern. Well if not then i will tell you that it is making a bookshelf. As this is easy to make and also it is very cheap compared to other but it can be hard or you will feel pain if you will not find any cows nearby. And alo you need to have 3×3 crafting menu of a crafting table in order to make a lectern.

How to make lectern in Minecraft

Here we are going to tell you in detail that how can you make a lectern in minecraft easily. Although we told you above too but you should know each step in detail that from where you are going to get the material

The first step in making of the lectern is that you need to start locating some cows. And for that you need to drop the leather by cows in order to craft the books and that you will need in order to craft a bookshelf. In order to make the bookshelf you will need three blocks so you can hunt down cows till you find three leather. Then after this cows can be found commonly on grassland and they will not always drop the leather. You need to keep looking for cows till you get all the leather that is required. 

After this you need to have paper. In order to make the paper you will need find the sugarcane and you need to loook around all the riverbeds and also next to water source blocks for sugarcane. As you know that sugarcane is grown on dirt and sand and paper will require three sugarcanes. Each sugarcane will one paper and in that way three sugarcane will make three pieces of paper. In order to make a book you need to have nine pieces of paper for making the lectern. Then you need to find nine sugarcane and need to grow it on your own in order to get all the sugarcane that you require. 

Then doing this you need to chop down a tree in order to get the slabs that you require. Then you need to turn the logs into planks and need to turn those planks into slabs. After this you need to put your slabs aside and also you need to turn your sugarcane into paper. Then arrange the sugarcane in a row if you want to craft paper. 

So that the paper you made with the help of that you can use your leather and you can use this paper to make a book. The recipe of making of book is simpel as it requires that you need to place the leather and the paper anywhere in the crafting table according to your choice to make a book. And in order to make one book it will require one leather and three pieces of paper. After this you can place them in your crafting table to make more books.

After this you need to place your three books in the miidle of the crafting table and you need to surround those books with wooden planks in order to make a bookshelf. A book is itself a nice piece of furniture and it is used to make our lectern. You need to place a bookshelf in the middle of the crafting menu and need a row of slabs that should be above it and also there should be one slab underneath it. The material of the slab will not matter in the recipe of making the lectern. As it will not change the appearance and then you can mix match the type of slab in the crafting recipe. 

What does a lectern do in Minecraft?

The job of lectern is to job block villagers. It means that any unassigned villager can seek out a nearby job block and during that the lectern will help to assign the librarian profession to a villager. Then those librarians will turn a regular book into an enchanted book and you can also refresh the librarians inventory as they have not conducted any trade because they are on level one. 

This means that you can refresh a librarian inventory till you are able to sell the one enchanted book that you are looking for. This is a very valuable book and thesde can be found only and they can’t be enchanted regularly. They can also help to hold a book and quill. With this you can make nine pieces of furniture that can be used for any room in your house. And you can read that book and quill this from your lectern just by right clicking on it. You can edit anything while you are on the lectern.

This was all about how to make lectern in Minecraft. We told you everything that we knew and you can now make it easily. If you have any doubt while making it then you can ask it in our comment section. 

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