How to Make Strength Potions in Minecraft

How to Make Strength Potions in Minecraft?

Do you know what is a strength potion in Minecraft? If not then you should definitely know what is strength potion is and how does it work in Minecraft? So let me tell you that a strength potion is a kind of magical brew that helps in increasing your damage against mobs and you should know how to make strength potions in Minecraft.

It will help you to increase your attack power. These are very useful when you are fighting the ender dragon or the wither. This strength potion is used to ensure creepers die in one hit. It will give them less time to ruin player builds or the general landscape.

You know that Minecraft is a whole different section that helps in making potions and also helps in enchanting things. Do you know what potions are in Minecraft? Potions are special kinds of liquids that are generally brewed inside the brewing stand and potions are basically magic. These potions help in providing a wide variety of status effects to the players and the mobs. They both have bad effects and also beneficial effects. Talking more about potions there are many and some of them are potions of invisibility, water breathing potion and many more like these.

Although there are many kinds of potions that will help you to enhance the effectiveness of yours. Talking about some of them they will give you an edge in combat and their other will be used to finish your mine faster. There are many effects that can be explored when you are brewing potions and also strength potions is an option for you when you are heading towards any dangerous place. 

Talking about what does the strength potion does in Minecraft then let me make it clear that, it is used to increase the base damage of the player or any mob that is temporarily hit within the game. 

There are basically two types of potions in the game and they are strengths that will help in increasing the player’s melee attack damage by 3 health points. And the other one is strength II and it helps in increasing the player’s melee attack damage by 6 health points. Using this the players can extend the duration or also enhance the effects using certain materials. 

The different materials that are required in making the strength potions are Brewing stands and it can be crafted by the players or it can be found in churches. Nether Wart is also required and it can be found in Nether Fortresses. Another thing required is Water Bottle and it can be crafted by using glass. The next thing required is Blaze Powder and it can be found by killing blazes in Nether Fortresses. Another thing that is required is Redstone Dust and it can be mined underground in the overworld. The last thing that is required in making the strength potion is Glowstine dust. You can find glowstone dust in Nether.

Steps: How to Make Strength Potions in Minecraft

In order to make a strength potion, you need to open the brewing stand and then need to place your water bottle in one of the bottom three boxes. Then you need to place the nether wart in the top box and when the arrow gets filled then you need to place the blaze powder in the top box. 

Now follow these steps to make strength potions in Minecraft:

  1. Then you need to go to the nether if you find the blaze. Then you need to build a nether portal just by placing obsidian four blocks wide and the other five blocks tall.
  2. After this, you need to light the next portal with the help of steel and flint. In order to make flint and steel, you need to have iron and flint. Then you should place the flint and the iron ingot into your crafting menu that will be in any of the nine crafting spaces and then you can start traversing the nether.
  3. Then you need to light your portal and need to make sure that you light one of the inside obsidian blocks and stand in the portal for a few seconds and you should be ready to face the fiery depths of the nether.
  4. After this, the next that you need to is you need to locate a nether fortress. These fortresses can be extremely rare and if you are lucky enough then your portal will generate right on top of one.
  5. Then you need to locate the purple or red hue of the brick that you know and you know you have found your fortress. Following this, you need to locate the blaze that spawns intermittenly throughout the fortress.
  6. Then you need to defeat enough blaze till you have a decent supply of blaze rods. You will need one blaze rod in order to make the brewing stand and any extra will become fuel for the brewing stand. You need to make sure that you have extra blaze rods and you will need them to brew the potion of strength.
  7. After this, your brewing stand will need some blaze powder in order to work. Then place blaze rod in the crafting menu in order to make the blaze powder. Each of the blaze rod will yield two blaze powders.
  8. After this click, your brewing stand to open its UI. and place the blaze powder in the top left slot to fuel your brewing stand.
  9. You need some glass bottles and smelt some sand in a furnace to make the glass and arrange the three pieces of glass in a v shape in the crafting menu to make glass bottles. 
  10. With that then you need to right click any water source to fill your bottles up and get water bottles. Right click your water bottles and place the water bottles at the bottom.
  11. You are almost there and now you need to place your nether wart in the final slot and wait for the bottles to get filled. After that, you will need to have your base for the strength potion. This can be made by following this. Here the player need to craft a water bottle and also find Nether Warts just before starting this. Then after this players need to put both the items in the brewing stand in the manner to make the awkward potion. After doing this the players will be ready to craft a potion of strength.
  12. Then the players need to place the blaze powder and the awkward potion in the brewing stand in order to make the strength potion in Minecraft. Players can add Glowstone powder to make a more effective version or they can also add Redstone powder in order to make this for a long duration.

 Following these steps will help you to make strength potions in Minecraft easily. If you have any query regarding anything then you can ask that in our comment section. 

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