How to Plant Sugar Cane In Minecraft?

How to Plant Sugar Cane In Minecraft

Do you know all the tricks of planting everything in Minecraft? Do you know how to plant seagrass in Minecraft? I guess you should know it definitely. Now coming back to how to plant sugar cane in Minecraft? You should know this and often use this and this, I mean sugarcane will help you in many different things in Minecraft. So the players of Minecraft should know how to plant sugar cane in the game and the most effective way to farm it. 

We know that there are many different things in Minecraft that have a lot many uses in-game. For instance, players need to gather food in order to survive and different players need different weapons and armor that will help them to protect themselves and it will defeat their enemies. There is something less obvious for every one of these items.

Talking about the useful items in the game, sugarcane is one of the most useful items that players may not consider at all important in the beginning. This item is used for crafting recipes and both of these are important and the players will end up finding themselves when they are in need of a lot of sugar can when they are playing.

When you put a single sugar cane in the crafting menu it will craft sugar for you and it is the most important item. Sugar can be used by the players in the making of pumpkin pie, cake, and also even potions of speed. When the players will put three sugar cane in the row of crafting table then they can make three paper and it will help the players in the making of books, cartography tables, banner patterns, maps, fireworks, and many such things.

How to Plant Sugar Cane In Minecraft?

There are many things that the players must know in order to if they want to farm sugar cane. The first and the most important thing that they should know is sugar cane can only be planted on grass, coarse dirt, dirt, podzol, sand, red sand, moss, and only if the block will be in the adjacent direction to the water that means frosted ice and the waterlogged blocks will work as well.

When the players will add a single piece of sugar cane then it will take some time to grow and it will grow till it will reach the maximum height of the three blocks that are tall. During the process, the players can break it all but the lowest block of sugar cane, and the growing process will repeat.

In this sugar cane is not affected by light and this means that it can be farmed in complete darkness and the players should choose to do this. Sugar cane crop will be grown in about one block every eighteen minutes if it is left unchecked. This process can be sped up with bonemeal and in the Bedrock edition only. 

There will be two primary methods to set up a sugar cane farm and it will use the rows or the grids. For example, players will plant sugar on either side of the water, and they will create a row of water. On the other hand, the grid formation will see each block of water that will be surrounded by four sugar cane. 

The setup of the row is so much easy to use and the players are not likely to fall into the water when they are trying to harvest the sugarcane also this is not the most efficient way to do so. In the contrast, you can see that the grid setup is the most efficient way to farm sugar cane but also at the same time the players need to take care of not falling into the water holes. And to cure this issue they can place lily pads or carpets that will be over the water.

You should know that sugar cane is an important item to make paper and sugar. It will allow the player to move normally and breathe underwater if the two blocks are in height. Two things that are required to grow sugar cane are Sugarcane and bonemeal and bonemeal is optional. Follow these steps below to grow sugarcane in Minecraft:

  1. You Need To Find or Place Down Water

You need to find a small area of water and also you can create it on your own. You can dig a hole of six blocks and you can fill it with water. 

  1. Then Plant The Sugar Cane

Once you found out the place then you need to select the sugar canes in your Hotbar and then plant them on the blocks of the grass and it can be dirt or sand. It should be directly next to the water. You need to follow different controls on your game controller for different devices.

For using it on Java Edition (PC/Mac), You need to right-click on the block.

For using it on Pocket Edition (PE), you need to tap on the block.

For using it on Windows ten edition you need to right-click on the block.

For using it in Xbox 360 you need to press the LT button.

For using it on the education edition you need to right-click on the block.

For using it on Xbox One you need to press the LT button.

For using it on PS3 you need to press the L2button.

For using it on Wii U you need to press the ZL button.

For using it PS4 you need to press the LT button.

For using it Nintendo Switch you need to press the ZL button. 

Then after you plant the sugarcane then you can begin to see them grow and to speed up that process you need to use a fertilizer. Using fertilizer will speed up the growth of sugarcane.

  1. After this process, you need to fertilize the sugar cane

Your sugar cane will slowly grow over time and you can speed that up by using the fertilizer the plants with bonemeal. You need to select bonemeal in your Hotbar. And after your bonemeal is fully grown then you can harvest the plant.

  1. Finally harvest the sugar cane

When you are going to harvest the crop then you need to break the sugar cane by using the following controls on the controller.

If you break the second block then leave the first block untouched and this allows you to harvest the crop without having to replant it and it will continue to grow.

This was all about how to grow sugarcane in Minecraft. Follow these steps and you can grow sugarcane easily in Minecraft. If you have any queries regarding the steps then do ask us in the comment section.

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