How to play Apex Cross Platform? | Apex Legends Cross-Play Guide

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games for cross-platform gaming. Although it may have taken a while to get Apex Legends’ crossplay established, the community has been better off because of it.

First off, Apex Legends does indeed have fully crossplay. That means players who play on PC can play alongside players who play on former and current generation Xbox and PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Playing Apex Cross Platform | How To Add Friends On Apex Legends

Once you have enabled cross-play, you’ll be able to team up with your friends on any platform on which Apex Legends is accessible.

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  1. Click on”Friends” on the Friends menu.
  2. Click to Find the Friend.
  3. Enter your EA Public ID. It is also possible to access the privacy Settings and modify how searchers can find for you by enabling players to search for me, and then selecting:
  • Email address
  • PSN online ID is available for PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Xbox Live gamertag for Xbox One and X|S
  • Nintendo Nickname for Nintendo Switch

Your friend will receive an invitation in which they can either accept, deny or block your request. If they agree to your request, you’ll be able to play triples, duos, or Arenas as usual.

If you’re in the Friends menu, you’ll also see the platform that the individual friend is playing on, based on the icon beside their name.

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Is it true that Apex Legends Have Cross-Progression?

Apex Legends isn’t able to allow cross-progression between consoles. It’s not possible to transfer your accomplishments and progress to different systems if you use multiple platforms.

For instance, if you are playing Apex Legends both on Xbox One and PC, your progress won’t transfer from one to the other.This keeps the game of rank even, as the different platforms offer different advantages and disadvantages, and it is the case that the Apex Predator rank is grouped by platform.

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