Pubg Mobile Crashing Problem Solved 2022 | Just Follow These Steps

How to Stop Pubg from Crashing on Mobile 2022

The gaming industry has been continuously growing for the past few years and it is expected to rise more. But when we talk about mobile gaming, I don’t think there’s much advancement in it. Gamers still find some games choppy. One example is Pubg Mobile.

Pubg was first released for mobile devices back in 2018. Till now, there are many glitches in it. Some errors get resolved after significant updates but there’s one major error that always destroys our mood while playing Pubg on mobile. 

You guessed it right. It’s crashing in Pubg Mobile. Sometimes, the game keeps on crashing even after performing several troubleshoots.

Many philosophers gave their opinions on Quora, Google, etc about the issue. But only a few know about the root cause of crashing. Just be with me and I will tell you the main reason for Pubg Mobile’s crash and how to fix it.

How to Stop Pubg from Crashing on Mobile

Before directly moving on to the solutions, you must know about the root cause of Pubg Mobile’s crash so that you would never see any freeze in Pubg Mobile again.

Why does PUBG Mobile keep crashing?

There are four main reasons that can lead to the Pubg crashing problem.

  • Because of Some New Updates

You hear it right. If you recently updated your game and found a crashing problem after updating, there are chances that it’s because of the newer update. To make sure if the crashing problem is because of the update, you can cross-check it with your friend. If your friend is also facing the same problem, then there’s a problem in the current Pubg version. In this case, you should either reinstall the game or wait for the next update. 

  • You Might Have an Older Version

Sometimes Pubg Mobile keeps crashing when there’s a new update. So, you should make sure to update your game to the latest version. Also, it is very important to update or download the game through the official Pubg site or Google Play Store.

  • Check Your Device Specifications

Most people neglect this step and resulting in struggling to open the game again and again. In order to play Pubg Mobile, your device must match the game requirements. As of now, Pubg is played well in smartphones with 4Gb Ram or up.

  • Might be Due to Corrupt File

This is the most common reason for Pubg crashing on mobile. Gamers usually download the game from unknown sources which sometimes leads to a corrupt file download. Another reason is the slow internet connection while downloading Pubg updates.

What to Do if Pubg Keeps Crashing?

  • Use a Game Booster

Game booster basically helps in clearing unwanted files and thus by making an app or game comfortable to use. Some smartphones have inbuilt game boosters. If your device doesn’t have it, you can download it from these best game booster apps for Pubg.

  • Uninstall Unused Apps

If your smartphone has low ram or low-end specifications, then you should check whether there’s any installed app that you don’t use. In case if there are any unused apps, you should uninstall them. Also, make sure your device has at least 4GB of free storage remaining.

  • Check Your Internet Connection

Before you open Pubg Mobile, have a look at your internet connection. Pubg Mobile usually doesn’t crash because of slow internet, still, you should try this method as a backup.

  • Reinstall the game

While downloading Pubg on a slow internet connection, game files get corrupted while downloading. To overcome this, you have to reinstall the game after uninstalling it. While downloading the game, make sure that your internet connection is stable.


Pubg Mobile mostly crashes because of a corrupt downloaded file. However, above mentioned are some permanent fixes for Pubg Mobile crashing. Apart from all the fixes, reinstalling Pubg worked in my case.

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