How to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring?

Although not essential, Crafting is extremely useful when playing Elden Ring. During the game, players will encounter materials to craft various items across the globe. The items, however, can’t be used until Crafting is freed.

Then, in this Elden Ring guide, we have explained How to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Unlock Crafting | How to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring

Crafting within Elden Ring can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. Once you’ve spawned the game, you can continue to play the game until reaching the Site of Grace at the First Step – there should be an equestrian boss in the distance.

There is no requirement to confront the boss. The only thing the player has to do is take a slightly left from where the boss is located – the Tree Sentinel – and within the remnant of a church called Church of Elleh. Inside the church, there is an NPC that is there and a vendor.

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All players need to do is speak to the vendor and buy an item called The Crafting Kit. This is the item that must be bought to gain the ability to create various items in Elden Ring. The purchase of the Crafting Kit will cost players a few hundred Runes that are easy to obtain even in this early game.

If you cannot purchase it, around a dozen or so enemies are patrolling the surrounding region. Their harvesting will yield enough Runes that the player will have enough money to buy the crafting Kit. As we mentioned before, although not essential but there are many useful things that players can get by crafting.

We’ve learned about unlocking the crafting abilities for crafting in Elden Ring. For more details on the game, make sure to visit our comprehensive Elden Ring Wiki page.

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