How to Unsquad a MLB Player in MLB The Show 22

It can be frustrating to try and unsquad a player from MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty. 

You will usually receive a notification telling you that a player must be removed from an active team in order to sell them. However, there are no instructions. 

This guide will help you to sell players quickly and painlessly.

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How to Unsquad a MLB Player in MLB The Show 22

You will need to select the Manage Squad option in Diamond Dynasty to unsquad a member. You will see your squad’s field view once you have logged in. 

You will see an option to sub the player you wish to remove if you navigate to them. You can remove them from your team by selecting this option.

You may still receive an unsquad player error message if you try to sell the payer that you have removed from your squad. You will need to remove the player form an active squad. 

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You will need to navigate into the multiplayer mode and then to the events option to view your event squad. You can then remove the player as explained above. 

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