HP Omen 27i Review

Over the past decade, I’ve owned many computer monitors, from Ultrawide LG models up to a huge 40-something inch AOC beast that makes everyone wonder if that’s really a television. I’ve yet to find a monitor of such high quality that my jaw drops. 

Although my monitor purchases have been in the $500 to $500 range, I have not owned anything that truly felt that it was worth that price simply because of the build quality. Apple’s Pro Display XDR Monitors were released and I was eager to get something that looked great and felt luxurious. I knew that I couldn’t justify spending $5,000 to buy a monitor.

However, I was able to calculate the amount of work I would earn from the monitor. I instead decided to search for the most expensive monitor within the $500 range. I found the HP Omen27i monitor. This monitor, which is gaming-focused, fulfills my need for a premium monitor.


The Omen 27i, priced at $450 is a dedication towards refinement of the Omen monitors. I have never found any Omen monitors to be ugly. However, the Omen 27i is dedicated to refining previous Omen monitors. Brick walled design and logo. This new redesign was something I noticed immediately. It has a beautiful, smooth and symmetrical design. You can see it from the side, as a lit up cube in a rectangle frame. It is beautiful.

The monitor isn’t as strong and sturdy as the Apple monitor that I was so excited about, but it’s a huge improvement in appearance and feel to those monitors. It’s not made from glossy black plastic. I hadn’t noticed this until I bought my Omen. However, every monitor I own has glossy plastic bodies. The Omen looks and feels way better than any other monitors in my collection, thanks to its matte black shell. It’s not the most expensive monitor that I have ever bought. It’s not even the most expensive monitor that I’ve bought from Best Buy. But, it gives off an aura of being.

A 2560x1440p panel is available for $450. It’s sharp, bright, and visually appealing. I would even say that the Omen has the best color control panel for color reproduction. Even though I haven’t had to rely on a color exact display for editing purposes over the past couple of years I would not have thought twice about using this panel when I was still in that industry. Its blacks go deep into the darkness, making it a powerful gaming tool. That’s what we’ll discuss right now.


This Omen monitor is the ideal gaming monitor. It is a quad-HD display. Additionally, it can have a 1ms response time and a 165 Hz refresh speed . Modern gamer’s salivate at the sight of those numbers on a single panel. Add to that the Omen’s 27″ screen and NVIDIA G–SYNC and FreeSync compatible, and you have a complete package. The price segment is affordable and the combination of specs and build quality has made me very happy.

The stand the Omen is another thing I love. It is beautifully chamfered in a minimalistic design that matches the overall symmetry. You can use the stand as a monitor arms. The display can be adjusted by lifting and falling to any desired eye level. For your headset to be stored when not in use, the top of the arm has little wings. My keyboard and mouse cables are also woven through the crack in that stand. The power cord is attached to the back. Although it keeps the setup tidy, it makes it a bit more difficult to see. The diamond-shaped base of the stand can cause problems for some users, depending on the size of your desk. This makes it take up more space than many basic monitor stands. This is something I feel mixed about. While I love the look of this base, it does take up too much space on my narrow workbench.

The Omen gets its gaming flair from the slanted cubicle. It uses a very basic RGB ambient light. This is why I don’t enjoy the benefits of the slanted cube in my setup, which has a red accent wall between the monitor and the screen. The frame contains a small RGB lighting source. This is where the Omen Text is. It projects a mood-lighting color onto the base. It is an aesthetic touch that resonates with me more than any previous Omen design.

This monitor can be connected to your PC via either the DisplayPort, or the HDMI slot. This is the CyberPower Gamer Supreme Tower paired with it. While I enjoy ultra settings for 1440p gaming, this monitor feels like it’s not being used to its maximum potential. This is because I barely touch 144 Hz and I get headaches due to the fast motion of many AAA AAA games. Although I don’t know what the kids do, it is a lot of work for me. Even if your monitor isn’t at its highest limits, it’s nice being able to boast about it.


This monitor truly ticks all my boxes. Onboard speakers and HDR functionality are the only missing elements from the Omen 27i. For me, both are acceptable as I have speaker sets that I use and a television with HDR functionality for X-Box gaming and Playstation gaming. This monitor looks great and HP has done a good job. With the frequent price drops, it should be on everyone’s short list.

Daniel was born in Auckland and raised in Calgary, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied Physics and Science at the University of Auckland. He began writing after obsessing over books.

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