I married the male leads dad spoilers


Aisha, a fan of the male protagonist in the novel, was killed in an accident while she was going to the author’s signing event. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was the only child of a baron, whose name is not even mentioned once in the novel.

She is thrilled to be in her favorite book and to get to know her favorite characters. However, she is shocked to learn that the male protagonist is still seven-years-old.

She is thrilled to have seen the male protagonist’s precious childhood and begins her life as a passionate fan. Hades, Duke de Louvermont, the male protagonist’s father, notices her actions and misunderstands them. Hades, seeing Aisha’s efforts, decides to propose to her.

Aisha accepts the offer of the Duke and becomes the male lead stepmother. She only hopes for a happy, fulfilling life. But things don’t always go as she expected.

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I married the male leads dad spoilers

Soon to be manhwa! (November 30)

It is amazing. It was a simple ‘yay, I became a duchess’ or just a ‘yay that I had a cute child,’ but I never imagined that the plot would turn out the way it did. 100% recommend.

You’ve been warned. **

The story is cute and funny. It’s a good read. I feel sorry for the duke ngl. I hope that the fl will get together with him. He seems nice. He misunderstands what she really loves, so it’s very one-sided.

*Edited around chapter 30. Things are looking up for the Duke. Fl now understands that he’s great and deserves her affections just as his son does. The relationship is now more open and honest. I am so happy that the fl is finally learning more about her situation. I am super excited to learn more about her father, church, abilities, and future. I think powers.

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