Immunizing Horn Charm +1 Location, Guide

Immunizing Horn Charm +1

Immunizing Horn Charm +1

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Item Effect

It greatly increases immunity.

Sell Price


Immunizing Horn Charm +1 is a Talisman in Elden Ring.

It grants +140 Immunity. It is important to note that only any of these variations can be used at a time.

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A robe was worn by ancient followers.

It greatly improves the immune system.

(Immunity regulates resistance to rot and poison. )

It is believed to be a budding horn. The followers of the ancients were of the belief that the horns of an old animal continue to grow like antlers over and over time until the beast is one day an ancestor spirit.

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  • Obtained through the killing of one of the Ancestral Follower within Lake of Rot, southeast side of the Lake of Rot in the southeast of Lake of Rot Shoreline

Elden Ring: How To Get Every Immunizing Horn Charm

It is the Immunizing Horn Charm is a Talisman that is found in Elden Ring, which increases the wearer’s Immunity which results in a higher immunity to Poison as well as Scarlet Rot. Wearing this Talisman could be extremely beneficial to well-being when traveling through the rotten areas in Caelid and Ainsel River. Additionally, this Immunizing Horn Charm comes in handy in fighting tough bosses, such as Malenia, Blade of Miquella, as well as other bosses with attacks that cause rot.

The site that houses The location of the Immunizing Horn Charm Talisman in Elden Ring is a Giant Ant nest, a body-filled cavern located in the southwest portion of Ainsel River. To access this area, Tarnished has the option of teleporting towards Ainsel River Main via the Sending Gate or Ainsel River Main via the Sending Gate in Renna’s Rise or using the lift at the Ainsel River Well in East Liurnia of the Lakes. Be aware that the former option is the quickest route. Once players are in the subterranean region below the surface, they’ll need to traverse through a variety of underground tunnels of Giant Ants to get to the nest, which is where they will find the Talisman. It is therefore recommended that pilgrims with tarnished skins be prepared and leveled prior to embarking on their quest.

To obtain an Immunizing Horn Charm within the Elden Ring, take a southerly route down the river starting from the Ainsel River Well Depths. When you reach a fork on the river, players can either enter the Ruins of Uhl Palace or run past the Ant Queen’s Lair. Then, they must pass the guards who patrol the passageway towards Ainsel River Downstream. Be aware of The Malformed Star hanging from above. Continue to the southeast of the cave, and take the corpse that lies behind a Stinger Giant Ant to acquire the Immunizing Horn Charm.

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Immunizing Horn Charm Locations In Elden Ring

The Scarlet Rot/Poison buildup-reducing Talisman is also available in an ungraded variation known as Immunizing Horn Charm +. Adventurers who are tarnished can get it by killing an Ancestral follower within the Lake of Rot. It is important to note that this area of the Ainsel River is inaccessible until the protagonist has defeated General Radahn and successfully completed Ranni’s treasure-retrieval.

After beating in the battle against Baleful Shadow during Ranni’s questline After that, you can continue towards the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. The Ancestral Follower is located wading waist-deep in the rot-filled liquid located in the southeast. Therefore, Tarnished adventurers must ensure they have sufficient Scarlet Rot cures to endure the trip around the lake as well as the entire duration of the battle. When the Ancestral Follower is defeated, make certain to grab your Immunizing Horn Charm +2 from the body of the creature since the Talisman cannot be automatically stolen.

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