In macOS 11.4 update Apple has fixed the excessive M1 Mac

Reporting tools which reported excessive wear on SSDs in Apple Silicon MacBooks were fixed by macOS 11/4

Solid State Drives (SSDs) can only be written once before becoming useless. It can take several years, however.

MacOS mac ssd february Gallagher Appleinsider sources from Apple said that the problem was caused by a data reporting issue within the tools for reporting SSD wear. They were not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. According to the source, SSDs are not getting older faster because of RAM swaps or other causes.

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The same source told AppleInsider that the issue was resolved in the latest version macOS. AppleInsider now has confirmation that macOS 11.4 is displaying proper uptime statistics.

Other Twitter users, including Hector Martin, a developer who works on Apple Silicon’s Linux port, have reported that the issue is now resolved.

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Update – This fix was first implemented in beta versions macOS 11.4. The fix was made available in macOS 11.4 and released to the public.

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