BitClout A notorious service, which allows tokenization of Twitter users almost without consent is currently worth $170M in BTC that was raised by a16z and other companies (Jeff John Roberts/Decrypt).

What’s BitClout and how does it work? Twitter Discord erupts over Twitter’s Social Media Experiment



BitClout creators claim that it’s a revolutionary method to make money from users. The brightest spot on Crypto Twitter isn’t the most exciting.

Many of the people who use CryptoTwitter have discovered they have a second account on BitClout. However, on BitClout they are selling and purchasing tokens that represent their identity. Whoever is behind these profiles have been on the social media site is irrelevant.

“The core insight behind BitClout” is the fact that you can blend speculation and content, and you have a 10-fold product that provides innovative ways to earn money from creators. But, it also offers the user a brand new business model the CoinDesk’s chief developer of BitClout diamond hands. He spoke with CoinDesk on the phone.

BitCloud isn’t an organization. It’s a proof of the work of blockchain technology to manage social media. It was developed by unidentified developers. The token BTCLT, is held by the supporters. Numerous crypto-businesses and prominent investors have invested in the company.


This isn’t a convincing argument for many of the industry’s most prominent members, who oppose their photos as well as Twitter accounts being copied to an unrelated website.

BitClout lets you socialize with a blockchain like a hive Steem or Cent. Additionally, it generates Social tokens (such as rally or roll) that are actually individuals. The supply of social tokens is controlled by market makers that are automated (like Unicode or Curve) but one is managed principally by a bonding curve , which specifically increases worth of the tokens when they are released.


The users must first obtain BTCLT to be able to access the website. To trade, you need to enter Bitcoin in the account to receive BTCLT. There isn’t a way to convert it back. BitClout lets users send BTC to BitClout to exchange it for BTCLT. However, they are not able to exchange BTC back to BitClout. BTC into BTC on the internet.

James Prestwich ( founder of Summa which was purchased by Celo operators in the summer of last year ) He has been adamantly disdainful of BitClout. This is because it’s one of his primary reasons.

Prestwich said that BitClout isn’t available for purchase during a telephone conversation. It is possible to put money into the account, but you cannot take money out.

Diamondhands said that it is open to listing exchanges as well as connections to different Blockchains. The platform has traded for its investors. Listings are expected to be available soon.

Diamondhands stated “To me, it’s just a matter of time before everyone sees where history is right.”

Diamondhands stated it was possible to create a plan to purchase 2 million of BTCLT tokens that would be given to founders and investors. Even though there’s no limit on supply for BTCLT tokens, Diamondhands claimed that the cost of new emissions is high that there will be no more tokens to be bought once the supply is 19 million.


Companies that manage the network can also earn Bitcoins however, it’s only approximately 500,000.

BitClout tried to win the backing of the major crypto-investors so that they could convince the creators that it was not an idea they would be using BTC to support.

Diamondhands sent an email to CoinDesk with an investor list that include Sequoia Andreessen Horowitz and Social Capital. The list added Winklevoss Capital and Arrington Capital along with Polychain, Pantera and Digital Currency Group (CoinDesk’s parent company), Huobi, and Variant as well as Variant, among others.

Diamondhands said the idea of him needing the famous names of the creators to ensure his project would be genuine.

BitClout is built on a blockchain that functions like Bitcoin however it is able to hold the text of the social networks’ posts. The BTCLT token can be used to store gas, could eventually be utilized in the governance system that oversees the project’s BTC Treasury. Diamondhands has announced the project’s code would soon be made open-source via BitClout. After that, all users will be able to join without permission to join as miners and nodes.

CoinDesk declared that they will honor pseudonymity as we began discussions. Diamondhands claimed that the project’s creators conceal their identities in order to ensure that the project remains central in both spirit and the actual.

Social media

Although crypto social networks might not be brand new, Diamondhands believes that BitClout is a major technological innovation. It is a platform that emphasizes the value of the creator and not the content.

“The systems that have been in existence up to now have been focused heavily on the article and the atomic unit rather than on the person who wrote it. Diamondhands said that this is a an important distinction because posts are only for short-term use. This means that they are less interesting as an asset kind. But, if you’re able to speculate on the creator of the universe it is a long-term investment that you could keep for a long time.

It’s powerful to be innovative and enhance the value of one’s work. However, some people see an unsavory aspect.

Lumi is a blockchain researcher , and has been analyzing BitClout’s conversation engine since BitClout began its launch last week.

Lumi revealed to CoinDesk how people can be enticed to deactivate people. It is as simple as creating an uninvolved job, and then change the person’s reputation.

He also criticized the BitClout’squality experience. It’s similar to sentiment and the spirit of 2017’s first cryptocurrency offering, which saw people send cryptocurrency addresses with money to obtain tokens. He is not a fan of the thought of seeing the same kind of optics returning to the market.

The attraction of a pool that seems to be earning money might be appealing.

Account holders who’ve reserved their accounts already have a specific amount of tokens that they can use to be activated at any point. Users don’t have to wait until they get their accounts set up to be able to play around with tokens. This could be the reason why so many Crypto Twitter users are anxious about this latest project.

A former CoinDesk employee currently has more than a dozen BitClout accounts, which contain their own currency.

The profile of this reporter is revealed to have a market value.

It’s based on the concept of 32 coins being produced and then saved for @BradyDale. Market cap estimates that each token will be sold at around $400 if they was purchased separately. (Each token sold will increase the value of the next token that is to be offered for sale. The market cap is displayed on the website as if the entire supply are sold at the current price.

However, the white paper clarifies that:

“Buying creates coins, placing money in the profile, raising the price when selling damages these coins, and drives prices lower.

It is therefore possible that market caps for tokens are not overstated, at most. Prestwich stated that the tokens are created to provide people with quick paper-based gains, so that they can make more investments and buy more BitClout.

“I do not believe that it’s a fraud, but. Many people use the term “scam” too broadly,” Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures told CoinDesk. He hasn’t activated or placed any money into his account. “It definitely has several features that are similar to Ponzi however it’s not the only feature this app offers. Every app that is designed for the consumer is played out in a way that is gamified. For frequent flyers, Miles are essentially an Ponzi scheme.

How do I get in?

An account can be made by anyone, regardless of whether they’re not using Twitter. To make a reserved account active it is necessary for the user to tweet the details of their BitClout account. Diamondhands said that doing this is proof of the account is legitimately owned by the owner. It’s also normal that public exposure could be beneficial too.

When an account is activated, it can place an amount of tax for any new token emissions after it is created. The supply of a token is increased every when someone purchases it. The majority of this cash would go to the representative of the token.

Crypto-denizens and celebrities who have accounts preloaded will be aware that they have a specific amount of their tokens to them. Diamondhands stated they had determined according to the number of followers. There were around 15000 preloaded accounts and all of them were founded on Twitter.

When the BitClout page doesn’t have a blue check beside it, it’s not yet enabled in the Blockchain. However, the rest of their primary content available on Twitter is already available.

Diamondhands said it was possible to access the site was possible without invitation. You don’t have to associate your account with your Twitter profile. If you’d like to remain anonymous and purchase tokens using various wallets may use this feature.

Diamondhands stated, “The best thing about BitClout is it allows you to be completely anonymous, which many platforms, in general, don’t even allow.”

Driving demand

Diamondhands stated that what got she excited for the idea is “fundamental demand”, which Diamondhands described as the genesis of the platform that monetizes it. This is the reason that is the reason for the worth.

BitClout’s user and post data is an underpinning data model that is used by any web-based program. The Nodes websites permit BitClout information to be made available and read by users. Websites can come up with innovative ways to earn money or offer incentives to holders of tokens by making use of an open-data structure.

Diamondhands asserts that more concerns will be addressed in the near future, since exchange listing lets users leave positions and offer new experiences. The exchange listing is open for connections to other chains.

He added, “Any platform that wishes to implement an atomic Swap from BitClout onto its chain, that would just so be such an incredible thing.”

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