How To Install ‘Among Us Proximity Chat Mod? Increase The Thrill

Among Us Proximity Chat

The process of solving a murder mystery can be much more difficult when you’re unable to talk to any other person. If you can still hear your companions and only have their voices disappear right at the moment you need the most, you’ve got the ingredients for high-stakes action.

This is the place CrewLink is the proximity chat Mod that allows you to chat with “Among Us,” comes into. This is what you should be aware of about the Mod and how to set it up and utilize it.

Important: As with most video game mods, CrewLink’s proximity chat mod is only available to “Among Us” players on PC.

“Among Us Proximity Chat Explained”

The CrewLink Mod that comes with “Among Us” allows you to communicate verbally with players near you during the game. You’ll also listen to everyone in the waiting room, and the sound volume will vary during the game. The closer a person is to you, the louder they’ll sound, even through walls. If they’re farther away, the sound will become more muted or not even audible.

This brings a feeling of tension and suspense to the game when your buddies’ voices disappear after they’ve been killed or when you call for help as you’re pursued. Also, it creates chaotic emergency meetings and chaotic, as participants rush to make themselves heard.

How do I install the Mod for proximity chat in “Among Us.”

It is necessary to download the most recent version of CrewLink from GitHub. To do this, visit the “Installation Instructions” section of the mod page and then click “releases.” The latest version will be shown on the right side of the screen. In the next section, click “Assets,” click the first link (it is a .exe download), after which it will begin the download begins.

It is recommended to save the .exe file to a location where you can locate it. After saving it, then double-click it to open. You may get antivirus warnings, and in that case, you should select the option that allows the file to continue. Once it’s installed and should take only about a minute, it will automatically open. It should then be able to utilize the Mod within a game.

You should be aware that you might encounter problems when “Among Us” isn’t current (or when it’s a Beta version).

How can you make use of the proximity chat feature in “Among Us.”

After installation, you can switch on the Mod by opening the game and joining the lobby. Enter the game’s settings in the menu, and tick for the option beside “Voice Activity.”

When you return to the main menu page, you’ll see the green ring surrounding your character as you talk. Others in your lobby will show beneath yours. If they’re also using the Mod and are conversing with you, you’ll see the green ring surrounding their avatars. If they don’t, they’ll show up with a red band.

After you’ve enabled this Mod, You can then switch to the push-to-talk mode in your settings, should you’d like to.

For more details, including an overview of videos, check out this helpful video.

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