iQOO BGMI Series: Grind Weeks Announced Before the 1st Round Begins

iQOO BGMI Series

The iQOO BGMI Series 2021 has accepted 32 teams comprised of the top players in esports in India to take part in BGMI. However, they must be through the Grind to participate in the event itself. While the rest of the players are competing for the In-Game Qualifiers, 32 invited teams will compete with The Grind, an event of a smaller size that runs for two different weeks. The first of which will begin on 2 December 2021.

The 32 teams invited to participate include Velocity Gaming, Team 8-Bit, AXOM Esports, and Team Incognito. The Grind is likely to feature excellent BGMI action since the 32 teams are comprised of some of the top BGMI and esports players across the nation.

iQOO BGMI Series 2021: Grind Dates Have Been Announced

Grind Week-1 will be held during the Grind Week-1 will coincide with the regular In-Game Qualifiers. The Grind Week-2 takes place just before Round 1 starts. The competition is quite intense in the iQOO Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Series 2021, as many teams have ramped their game up, including Velocity Gaming. They are in the process of joining BGMI with a new roster comprised of Raj “Snax” Varma, Randeep “Attanki” Singh Bhullar, Daljit “Daljitsk” Singh as well as Samir “Kratos” Choubey.

BGIS 2021 is the very first version of what will hopefully be an annual event, which is being hosted by Krafton and supported by iQOO. This tournament is certainly among the top anticipated tournaments for esports in the nation due to its enormous prize pool worth Rs 1,00,00,000. The first round 1 starts on 16 December 2021, following the In-Game Qualifiers, and The Grind has concluded.

1024 teams will be competing in the initial three rounds of the competition, from which only 64 teams will advance to the next stage, which is the Quarter-Finals. The Semi-Finals will be held with 24 teams. They will be divided into three groups; out of these, only 16 teams will advance to the final stage, the Grand Finale.

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