Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Split Screen?

Is Aliens Fireteam Elite Split Screen?

Aliens Fireteam Elite is almost an ideal co-op experience that lets you and your friends take on the dangerous task of cleaning up the Katanga refinery that’s been destroyed by the xenomorphs.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is now available on Xbox Game Pass, but does it allow split-screen couch co-op? Aliens: Fireteam Elite on split-screen Aliens: Fireteam Elite on split-screen is an excellent option to spend the holidays with your family and friends.

With six characters with a variety of missions, five difficulty levels, and an array of weapons (as customization options for weapons and character advancement options) This game can be something that you will be glued to for hours playing with your buddies before a giant screen.

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Split-screen in Aliens: Fireteam Elite?

However, Aliens: Fireteam Elite does not support local co-op, which means you can’t set up split-screen mode or play the game on a single console with three players. The split-screen option isn’t available on both consoles as well as PC. While some gamers were hoping that it would be available with Season 2, to coincide with the game’s launch through Xbox Game Pass, that did not happen.

It’s possible to enjoy this game with your friends online through private lobbies however it’s not the perfect co-op on the couch. It’s pretty unfortunate that a game that was designed to be played in co-op mode doesn’t have local split-screen gaming, however the creators, Cold Iron Studios, have been clear from the beginning that their game was an online-only survival game and that it will not support local co-op.

It’s unlikely that co-op support will arrive soon, too. So don’t think about it happening anytime in the near future. The worst part is that the game doesn’t allow cross-platform play. This means that you can’t enjoy online with your players from different platforms.

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Cross-progression, in addition, is not supported. You won’t be able to bring your account from consoles to PCs and vice versa.

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