Is Ark Split Screen?

ARK is a great game to play with your friends. It is important to have a friend to help you manage your animals, build a base and locate your items after a vicious attack by raptors.

It’s easier to play ARK online when you have other people using your device, but there are also split-screen options on certain consoles.

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ARK uses a horizontal split screen, which means the top player controls the character, while the bottom player controls it. You should always be the first to enter the game if you want to be at the top.

Playing ARK in Split-Screen

Split-screening in ARK can present some additional challenges, but it is still a great way to play with a friend. Try the console commands if you have trouble setting up your game.

Split-screen gaming can lower your FPS and cause a bit more lag, but it allows you to share your dinosaur adventures with those you love. Split-screen ARK can be used to introduce your friend and make them want to buy a copy in the future.

Play ARK Survival Split Screen | PS5, Switch, and Xbox

Split-screen consoles make it easy. It takes only a few minutes to set up a session, and then have the second person join. The game detects when another controller is connected to the device and will use that to initiate split-screen.

Split-screen gaming means that only one player, the host, can play. The host’s console and account are responsible for saving progress and saving points. You must ensure that the host is the last one to quit the game or save it.


On non-dedicated servers, split-screening on Xbox is possible. It takes only a few seconds to set up.

This is how to set up a split screen on Xbox.

  1. Each player should take one turn at their controller.
  2. Click “Host/Local”
  3. Click “Host non-dedicated multiplayer session”
  4. Look for “Private”
  5. Start the session.
  6. Turn on player 2’s controller and press “Enter.” They should now be able create a character, and then enter the game.

You can save the session you play in on your Xbox with the account that created it. The second player does not need an Xbox subscription or account to play. However, you will lose access to the world that you created unless you open it later through the same Xbox.


PlayStation split-screen games, like Xbox, always take place on nondedicated servers. They are quick to set up and don’t require you to have a PlayStation account.

This is how to set up a split screen on PlayStation.

  1. Only player one can connect to the controller.
  2. Click “Host/Local”
  3. Click “Play Single Player”.
  4. Name your character.
  5. To join character creation, press “Options” on the controller of player 2.

PlayStation games, like Xbox, will be saved to the same console it was created. In future sessions, players who wish to return to that world will need to launch with the same account as their console. Even if you decide to play multiplayer in another way than split-screen, this rule will still apply.

Nintendo Switch

Split-screen is not possible on Switch at the moment. Wildcard could add the feature in future updates, but no indication is that they are planning to.

You can play ARK multiplayer on the Switch with two consoles or share a character. This console does not support local co-op.

You can still play online with friends and on other servers using the Nintendo Switch. You will each need your own console or game.

Issues With The Ark Split Screen and How to Solve Them?

Tethered Split Screen

Tethered split screen is the type of split-screen available on PlayStation. Your second player and you will be restricted from being more than a set distance apart. You will be returned if you keep increasing your distance.

On PlayStation, the tether distance is 300 meters. Xbox One X supposedly has no tether and allows you to travel in the same area while playing split screen.

Many sessions that are not dedicated have some form of tethering on their consoles. It is important to preserve the integrity of the game, and not overload the server.

Split Screen Shadow Problems

Split-screen mode can cause ARK to have shadowy graphics. If you are comfortable with the console, there is a solution.


  • PlayStation 1: L1, R1, Triangle, Square
  • Left Bumper and Right Bumper on Xbox.

After the console has opened, press Enter and type “Admincheat Shadowquality 0 1”. This should fix the shadow glitch.

Remember, however, that this code must be entered again each time you open a split screen session.

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Monitors and Screens

Split-screen ARK can present a problem in that it is difficult to read the text. This can make it difficult to craft, choose options, or even control your tamed dinosaurs.

The current resolution for the game’s writing size is not available. You will need to use the biggest screen your console can support. Switching to a bigger screen such as a television is good if you’re currently using a monitor.

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