Is Ben Is Back A Sequel?

Ben is Back is an American micro-drama about a mother’s struggles to overcome her son’s addiction. Peter Hedges directed the movie, released on December 14, 2018.

Ben is Back ended with a very climactic ending that may have left audiences with their interpretations of the ending. This raises the question of whether there will be another movie.

No information has been provided on the possibility Ben Is Back A Sequel. There are a few reasons why there won’t be a sequel to Ben is Back.

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Ben is Back: Ending Explained

Ben struggles to maintain his sobriety throughout the movie and eventually gets into drug use again. Maggie, his friend, falls into the same trap as Ben. Ben convinces Maggie to take up drugs, and she becomes addicted. Her mother is unable to save her from her addiction and overdose.

Maggie’s mother, Holly, tried to save another person from the same fate by giving Ben’s mom a survival kit that can help someone survive an overdose. Ben feels guilty after Maggie’s passing and takes responsibility for her death.

Clayton, his friend, provided the drugs to Ben. He could not help but take them in large quantities. Ben overdosed, but Holly saved him using Maggie’s same kit. Ben was saved in the End. This shows that he still has the hope to overcome addiction and that his mother will always be there for him.

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Ben Is Back A Sequel: Where To Watch Ben Is Back?

Ben is back and can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. To view the movie, viewers must have a subscription. Netflix has added the movie to its streaming service, making it available to viewers. One can view the movie on either of these OTT platforms with a subscription.

Ben is Back: Cast

Ben Is Back’s cast includes Julia Roberts as Ben Burns’ mother, Holly Burns, and Lucas Hedges playing Ben Burns. Alexandra park plays Cara K. Mia Fowler, Jakari Fraser, and Courtney B. Vance portrays Neal Beeby. Rachael Bay and Michael Esper play Clayton, and Rachael Jones as Beth.

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Ben Is Back: Reviews

The audience was delighted with the performances of Ben and Holly’s leading actors in Ben is Back. The movie received less box office revenue than its production cost, which was disappointing.

The movie touched many hearts because it depicts the real-life struggles and hardships that addiction can cause. Ben’s Back has received an average rating of 6.7 on IMDb and an aggregate score of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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